Sunday, October 17, 2010

And...Wake Forest University Campus

Wait Chapel

Looking directly from Wait Chapel
at Reynolda Hall.

This lawn and these two buildings sit at the center part of the campus, it's a large circle,
and around the circle are administrative bldgs, some classrooms, etc. Oh, and the Library. 
We walked the full circle.  On the outside of the circle are the dorms and athletic fields, etc.

Walking the circle, Charlie talking to Sarah in New Orleans.
She has lost her car keys, only set, and we're helping her figure out what to do about getting keys
so late in the day when she had to be at work at 5:00 the next morning.

Having walked the full circle we're at Reynolda Hall.
Kate's words, "I love Reynolda Hall."

It's where she meets with a lot of the students.
In here is a very nice dining room, and Kate actually has a meal plan and eats very good food here.

Kate behind Reynolda Hall and where she spends a lot of time with students.

Below is some sort of tribute to the Greek community.
It's such a collegiate image, so I took this picture.

On the outside of the circle of main buildings, 
and these are a row of dorm buildings.

And after breakfast with Kate,
it's back to Scottsboro.

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Rose said...

this is a beautiful campus. I don't know alot about Wake except a good school to attend. thanks for sharing the photos. rose