Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sidetracked on the Blue Ridge Parkway - by Music

Okay - so, we left Mayberry, North Carolina
and headed for the Blue Ridge Parkway.


there were these signs about the Mountain Music Museum or Blue Ridge Music Museum...
something - so again, spontaneously, which is so UNLIKE Charlie and me
to do this - but we did.

we took the right turn and had no idea what we'd find.

A very unassuming, well-planned metal building, yet nice - with plenty of parking for regular cars as well as RV's - so we assumed they expected all of these types.

We went in.  Very touristy - and looked for the "live music" which was on the signs.

My one picture of the trees.

but here is the live music.
I wish you could hear it.

Once I learned the lyrics, well, we were invited to sing along...
and I did!

Have you heard this song?


(sung with 2 beats to the measure)

If you ain't a worried man
You can't sing a worried song

(repeat 3 times)

I'm worried now
but I won't be worried long.

Next song.

Most of us churched people have heard it.....

Will the Circle Be Unbroken
By and By Lord, By and By

Those men did an incredible job of singing and playing those 2 songs.  Priceless!!!!
After those 2 songs, we had to leave, reluctantly - but we moved on.

Below is the highest point of the Blue Ridge Parkway and after that we turned around and drove  back to Winston Salem

Next Post.....Wake Forest Campus


Mary Ann said...

WOW! regarding everything, but especially the live music.

Kate Rhodes said...

I was watching my recorded episode of Gilmore Girls this morning and Lorelai made reference to Mt. Pilot!

Rose said...

beautiful scenery. We have a group of men who meet weekly and play country music. keeps you going. rose