Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wedding Day

So these are the other 2 pictures that I have to put up here.
It's raining today but it wasn't raining 30 years ago.
It was a very beautiful, crisp and pleasant October weekend when Charlie and I married.
We both were working in Birmingham, and I traveled down to Evergreen on Thursday before the wedding on Saturday. Charlie came on Friday.
I remember how exhilerated I felt driving out of B'ham - so excited to get home - Mom had so many gifts waiting for me to open - and had invited my aunts and grandmother to come over for coffee and watch me open my gifts that had been piling up. Mary Ann was there, too.
Then, on Friday friends and family began coming into town.
Compared to today's weddings, it was very lowkey - but I loved it. It was traditional and the usual nuts and mints and Cake in the Church fellowship hall for the reception.
Our rehearsal dinner was at a banquet room at the Holiday Inn in Evergreen and I loved that also.
So - Charlie gifted me, last night, with a new camera!!!
Wow - totally unexpected - this was a year I wasn't even thinking gift - and he knew that - we are just so stretched right now with stuff - so I forgot to even think in terms of anniversary gifts. He really surprised me. It's a great camera and he consulted with Sarah and Ann - because Sarah has just recently bought a camera for herself and Ann has been window shopping for cameras for herself. I love this beautiful super duper camera - but now I have to learn how to use it.
Can't wait. I love just holding it.
Charlie has a busy long day at work - I have much to do, getting ready for the weekend when all the girls will be here, plus Mary Ann - but I am grateful to be in this marriage, to love Charlie and know he loves me, to feel safe - I am grateful for our good health at this point - for our 4 girls and 5 grandchildren(counting little John who is still due to arrive in February)
Of course what I am the most grateful for is what I've said before - that God has revealed Himself to us - that He "set His love on us" , He foreknew us, way, way back there, that we have no other reason to be here on this earth other than to bring Him Glory. All the other stuff are blessings upon blessings - and even though they are unfun - the trials are blessings also - God giving permission for the trials to be in our lives in order to shape us into His image - His Kingdom Come, His Will Be Done, On Earth - Just Like It Is in Heaven


LB said...

Happy Anniversary!! Sorry I didn't say that on the phone this morning!!

I had to comment and say that Ada saw the picture on the blog, and I said, "who is that?" and she answered excitedly, "Near." So, I said, "who else?" And she answered confidently, "Steve!" I laughed so hard. I was like, "not Steve, Charlie." Hmmm...

So, so, so exciting about the camera!!! That's great!! Way to go, Dad!!!

rhodes1 said...

I'm glad you like the camera! which one did he end up getting you?