Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Images of the 1800's

If you are reading this post and wondering why I am posting images of the 1800's, then you'll need to read the post prior to this one. There you will find the beginning of a story to go with these images, which are for your imagination as you read the completed story in the next post.
Child's Shoes

Little Girl's Calico Dress

Interior of 1800's Wealthy Home

Horse and Buggy

South Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia
In other words, city life, in the early 1800's

Lady's Dress

Montevallo, Alabama


Family Traveling by Wagon to more fertile land

Current Photograph of 1800 Farmhouse in Alabama

Another current photograph of another 1800's farmhouse in Alabama

Farming in Florida in 1800's

Farmers in Iowa in late 1800's

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