Monday, October 26, 2009

30 years ago tonight

I was at my wedding rehearsal.
I wish I had more rehearsal and rehearsal dinner pictures to put here on my blog. I only have written one of these to cd, but I have more. This one is of Daddy and me, walking down the aisle at the rehearsal.
Tomorrow is mine and Charlie's 30th anniversary. I better put my "Charlie and Elizabeth Anniversary Songs" back up just for tonight and tomorrow.
Right now? 30 years later? Charlie's ironing a shirt. He got in late from work. I got in later than he did - picking Ann, Ellie and Andrew up from the airport, with Luke helping me. And I've been out at Ann's, helping her go through reentry. All moms know what I'm talking about - the unloading of the car, the unpacking of the "stuff", the feeding of the children, the bathing of the children. The getting things absorbed back, in a reasonable fashion, into the fabric of the household.
Luke's been with me during the day and Steve at night, while the other 3 traveled to Albuquerque. 2 of those nights Luke stayed with Charlie and me.
That's all for tonight - Just had to post something regarding our rehearsal night - I wouldn't have thought about it except that as I left Ann's, the radio was on a station playing oldies - and of all things - it was one of those songs that I've had on my playlist - which reminded me of when I was dating and falling in love with Charlie....awwwww. I got emotional.
Happy Anniverary to us tomorrow.

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