Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mid Week in McDonough, GA

I'm here in McDonough - with Laura Beth, Ada and Scott -

I traveled to Auburn on Sunday and had a good visit with Kate, meeting Laura Beth at Kate's house - we had lunch together and visited a couple of places and people in Auburn.

Laura Beth and I arrived in McDonough around 8:00 - phone calls from Scott informed us Ada was anxious for us to be there. We made it a late arrival on purpose in order for us not to interrupt Community Group which meets at their house each Sunday evening.

I got the greeting I was hoping for, from Ada - we came through the front door and she looked for a second and came running toward me, past Laura Beth, with open arms. That precious little bitty thing hugging me so hard. It's too much! Sometimes she's shy and intimidated at first, if it's been a long time since we've seen each other - but this time it had only been a few weeks.

To read what we've been doing, just go to and Laura Beth describes our handiwork on her blog. I feel like Jillian on Biggest Loser as an "organizer trainer" instead of a "bodybuilder trainer". I have no mercy. I've stood over both Laura Beth and Scott growling at them, making them throw away, throw away, until it hurts - and then throw away some more. Just kidding. But I am forging ahead. They are both quite the packrats - cute and sweet - with a precious little redheaded Ada - but packrats all the same and it's just easier to wait until another day to clear it out. Actually - I'm a packrat also - an organized one, but a packrat. I guess we all have that in us. I live going through stuff and getting rid of - and then there's always more to get rid of.

Anyway - it's been fun and a good visit with the Moores here in McDonough. Ada has attached herself to me - I've rocked her a lot - but not to sleep - I thought for sure she was asleep tonight, but wasn't - just almost. She has so much energy and climbs and hops off of everything.

So - there are still things they'll have to do before John arrives in February - but between all the housework Laura Beth had done before I arrived(she's blogged about that recently) and what we've done this week - I think it's not so scary for her knowing there'll be a new little baby in the house in about 3 1/2 months. And I've gotten in a long overdue visit with Ada.

I return to Scottsboro on Friday and am anxious to see my 3 little "knotheads" when I get back - I highly recommend reading Ann's most recent blog - her blog is
It is hilarious and so cute about Luke and his halloween costume - and Ellie's pretend activities involving her cake in the frig. plus her pretend classroom activities. And Luke's obsessive compulsive nature - awwww. He's so tenderhearted and so sensitive.

Children and the way their minds work - Ada, right now, is scared of certain shadows on the wall - always asking what they are and looking really worried. Also strange noises frighten her - especially when we're downstairs and someone is upstairs - the sound of people walking up there - even when she knows it's mom or dad or me - it bothers her until everyone comes down.

Well - it's late - we have to get an early start tomorrow - going into the city to get LB's hair cut - It's one of the "Fancy Antsy" Atlanta hair places - last time I was there, getting my hair cut, was when I was here helping Laura Beth after Ada was born. All 3 of us went that time and all 3 of us will be there tomorrow. I think Ada was about a week old. Here it is 2 years later and Laura Beth is pregnant with her little boy.

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