Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Night

Big Day on Monday
Ellie and I have a "girl day" in H'ville,  which has been rescheduled from last Monday.
We're getting our hair "only trimmed".
After that, to the "cupcake place" - can't think of the name
but definitely know the location.
I'll take pictures - for a later post.

After that - I'll take Ellie home, to Scottsboro, and I will travel to South Alabama.


On Thursday, Charlie will join me and we'll travel to Point Clear, AL - to "do nothing" but relax.  We'll ride bikes - we did that last year.  We'll eat at good restaurants.  Charlie will go to meetings - and I will relax, relax, relax.  I'll read.  I'll play brain games on my computer and now with my pencil and real paper.  Looking forward to it all.

Today?  got these pictures late afternoon.  Gorgeous day!  Wasn't it?  Ellie being a wonderful big sister to Andrew.

So - that was this afternoon.

Ann and I were sitting in the kitchen when Ellie took Andrew outside with her.
We saw her entertaining him and I "made myself" get up and get the camera.

Soon after, they joined Luke and Steve at home.

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