Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Friday

I haven't written a thing on here since Monday when I told about walking.

I walked one hour each day of this week.  Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday.

I haven't headed out today because, well, my first morning activities use up most of my momentum.  I have incredible momentum first thing in the morning.  If I walk, though, for only an hour, it makes me feel like I've earned down time - so I either get on the computer or bible study in Isaiah - or computer or read book or computer or bible study.  It's back and forth, back and forth.   And don't get that much done "in the house" after that.  I do get lots done in the yard after that because that's like going out to play.  I don't really need momentum for that.  

I somehow got a flat tire in my lawn mower on Monday and it's being repaired.  Geez!  How long does it take to fix a flat tire?  I still don't have it back.  I guess I had to get on a repair waiting list.  So - sadly, my yard isn't looking so good.  I could have been weeding but, well, there have been extracurricular activities away from my little acre this week - so - if the reader lives in town and thinks my yard is looking shabby - that's why.  I can't wait to straighten all of that out.

I will include pictures of 2 of this week's activities.  I wasn't going to since, well, Ann has already shown pictures of Luke's t-ball and yesterday we went to botanical gardens and I know she'll be putting those in a blog - or not - it's hard for her to get to a post.  Time consuming.  and Esther will have her own set of pictures to post.  Ann's blog:  Esther's blog: 

Monday night:  Luke's first T-Ball game - blurry pictures but very natural and captures Luke's pleasure in the whole event.  That's Ellie's adorned wrist (with bracelets) in the bottom left corner.  Luke was waving back at her.  That's Steve in the blue shirt (tall man) talking with the another man.  Steve is Luke's dad and the coach.  

Luke, kicking dirt, doing typical baseball gestures and movements.
I asked Ann where he learned them.  He looked authentic. 
Steve had shown him a few.
Like how they fiddle with their hat, adjusting it, on and off.

 Charlie and Andrew.
It was very very windy that afternoon.
A storm was due to arrive later, and it did.

Next pix:  Yesterday Ann, myself, Andrew and Esther Bratton, Charlotte Bratton, and Mary Bratton all went to Botanical Gardens in Huntsville.  Esther and Ann were the representative young moms.  Andrew and Charlotte were the cute babies, and Mary and I were the two grandmothers.

Both Ann and Esther were taking lots of pictures.  

but here are just a few.

Andrew climbing, insisting noone help him, "Andrew do it!", 
climbing up to the slide.

Andrew very mad here,
because Ann is not letting him walk in the water trough.
We didn't think it was allowed.
Just for looking.

There's a very unique miniature train and track and village set up.
The kids and adults love looking at it.
I love it.  I assume the other adults do too.
Here is Andrew watching it.

Precious, beautiful, sleepy Charlotte. 
Isn't she gorgeous?

Andrew climbing on the butterfly chair.
Again, "Andrew do it!" 
No helping him or he gets really mad.

Taking a rest.
Ann, Mary, Andrew, and Charlotte asleep in the stroller.

So - how we change in a year.  I pulled out a few of last year's photos of the same excursion.

Andrew was in a stroller and not walking - so he mostly watched.  With no hair on his head!

While Ellie and Luke were on the same slide which this year Andrew loved.

You may wonder where Ellie and Luke were yesterday.
They had gone with Steve to Chattanooga on Wednesday.
All spent the night there with Nana and Poppie (Diana and Wayne - Steve's parents).
For about 2 days, Ann was a one child mommie if you don't count Abigail in her tummy.
That can be a unique experience when you're not used to it.

But this morning and my momentum.....walk or clean house?  I'm cleaning and then if I can beat the rain,  I'll walk.  I've already decided that if I can't beat the rain - well - I have a long stair case.  14 steps.  I could walk up and down those as an alternative exercise.  It gets a little boring - but - I could do that. 

I'm excited that I've stuck with the walking and hope to continue.  Still, my eating isn't quite as lean and green as I'd like it to be.  That's tough toward the end of the day.  I do great until about 3:00 and then, the grazing wants to begin.  

 Oh, and this  - I get a few comments from time to time.  My blog isn't really one of those kind which draws comments - but just know that when I get one - I really enjoy it.  I just never know the best way to respond to it.  It always feels like I'm ignoring someone who just spoke to me.  Which so isn't my personality - so - I don't expect comments - but they are fun when I get them.  Thanks.

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Laura Forman said...

Okay, so I felt the need to leave a comment to make you smile! :) I absolutely love reading your blog and the feeling of sitting in your living room and chatting. We must do that in person some time soon! :) Love you and so thankful for you!