Monday, April 4, 2011

Cute and Funny Car Conversation

Ellie and I were driving in Huntsville.  We'd just left the Salon and we were on our way to Gigi's, driving on Airport Road, right before the intersection of Whitesburg Drive and Airport Road.  We were quiet.  Music was playing.

Then Ellie spoke, quietly, and I turned off the music.  She had to repeat what she'd said 3 times before I could hear her.  Her voice was so quiet today because of the allergies all in her throat.  She was saying to me, "At the Barber Shop you said 'What the Heck' ".  She was calling me on it.  I asked her if that was in the list of things we weren't supposed to say.  She confirmed that it was.   I apologized for it, she forgave me, and I thanked her for pointing it out.  She said, "You're welcome".  A few moments and I was thinking, so I asked, "Ellie, does Mom always remember what she told you not to say?  Does she ever say words like that?"  Ellie said that her Mom never said bad words.  I was impressed.

A little more time.  Quiet.  Then Ellie told me,  "Today Luke said 'Kick my butt' ".  I was amazed.  That's pretty strong.  In my estimation, on the vulgar side, compared to my word, heck.  I asked her if Mom had heard him.  She said that she had, but that she "forgived him".  I nodded in approval.  Forgiveness is always good.

Still more time, I'm thinking, it's quiet, and I ask, "Ellie, where did he learn to say that??"  Immediately she answered....she knew for sure....  from Megamind.  She told me that phrase is used on there.  I knew exactly what she was talking about.  It's an animated movie they've been watching.  It's so funny with funny funny lines.  I just looked and it's rated PG for action and some language.  Apparently "kick my butt" is some of that language.    After that, after she noticed my interest, she told me, "Luke says bad words all the time". Awww.  In Luke's defense, I don't think he knows that many bad words.  Not yet.  In fact, in our family, we've referred to Luke as the Bad Word Police.  So quick to call us on things like 'shoot', 'gosh', and I confess..... 'dang' is my go to bad word.   I do have another but I don't think Luke has heard me say it.  There are some words that Luke has called me on and I'm thinking they're okay.

I love Car Conversations with kids.  So funny.

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