Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday in Scottsboro

And the green is breaking out!
I love it, I love it!
Green Leaves, Green weeds grass.
Okay.  I got up and walked.  Did NOT know I would do that.
Here's the thing....
While in Point Clear I went to the outlet malls with Charlie.  No, that's not an error.  I went with Charlie.  When on the coast, the outlet mall is the last place I want to be.  I don't necessarily like to go if it's raining - unless there is a condo full of people and we all are crowding each other out.  On a rainy day, give me a book, a crossword puzzle, a movie, laptop....

Charlie isn't a mall person either.  Neither one of us are good shoppers - but if we really really really are looking rough in the clothing department - well - either one of us will find our way to a clothing store.  Charlie needed khakis.  Suits and khakis are his work uniform.  Khakis for casual days.

Back to the mall and walking this morning.

I do like the clothing brand, Jones of New York.  And there is one of those in that mall in Foley.  so - ugh.  The dressing room mirror.  Sad, sad, sad.

I'm just curious if committed walking and committed healthy eating  can somehow make these almost 60 year old legs not quite as lumpy.  I will have to pray that God will keep me motivated if it's something He is about me doing.  As I walked I knew that one day doesn't change a thing - yet, it's a start and it's one day at a time.

When I went to bed last night I didn't really think I would get up and walk.  It didn't even cross my mind - although I had thoughts on the drive home about how I wish I would do that.  But I know me and I know I always talk myself out of it.  I was so very tired last night when I went to bed.

I woke early - in the dark - who does this?  Brain has to remember what day it is, where I am?  What's going on?  What daughters are okay and where are they?  I do family roll call in my brain - Then I ask myself if I want to get up or stay in bed.  I was thinking get up and work on my Isaiah bible study - and then, honestly, the walk idea came into my brain and I actually wanted to do it!!  I really think it was God getting me there!  Yay!  I hope we keep it up!

I also need to do it from here on out - don't I?  for the heart.  The heart.  My heart and brain.  Need to keep those healthy - for my children and grandchildren.  Healthy old age works so much better for everyone than unhealthy old age.  It's not just about the person - it's about family..... and friends, too.  But it's really whatever God wants, isn't it?  Always checking that out.  Which direction are we going in, Lord?

So - for today - we'll strive for good health - within reach and reason - until it all takes a different turn.

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atfarrar said...

Thanks for the encouragement! This walking/exercise issue is such a challenge, but always feel SO much better when I do it. Also, loved your post about hairstyles for "our age"; have been sorting thru the same issue. Always look forward to your new posts! Have a great day:-)