Monday, April 25, 2011

People Are Coming and Going and

coming and going and coming.....
We had a wonderful Easter.  Especially nice this year.  
I think it's because we had Laura Beth, Ada and John with us for a week and it was a really good time....
I think.  We did some "problem solving" - like with Laura Beth's mysterious rash?allergic reaction? - not sure yet  exactly what it is - (go HERE on Laura Beth's blogpost and scroll all the way down to get an idea of what I'm talking about).  I also got some very good grandmother time in with John which has been lacking and he hasn't, up to this point, really known me at all.  So - good times with John.  And Ada, as always.  Although, I will say, she is particularly attached to her mommy right now and while she loves having "Near" around, she certainly wants Mommy nearby.  I remember Ellie going through that when Ann was first pregnant with Andrew.  She would not let Ann out of her sight.  So - stages and phases with these little ones.  Have to get through them.

Church was particularly good on Sunday.  I loved it.  Steve was passionate in what he taught out of Corinthians 15 and the music was especially good.  I loved it all.

And now..... drum roll.....  our lunch menu.  Yummmmmmeeeee!!!

Ann brought:
Asian Slaw
Deviled Eggs
Coconut Cream Pie
Elizabeth brought:
Hot Chicken Salad(a casserole)
Asparagus, Marinated
Potato Salad
Frozen Cherry Salad
Peanut Butter Pie
CupCakes(Magnolia Bakery Recipe)
Laura Beth brought:
(because she was in town and away from her kitchen)
Paper Plates
Plastic Cups
Sara Lee Rolls
Milo Tea

It was all delicious but sadly all came to an end.

Our tummies were full and we were all pretty tired.

Laura Beth and Scott and children drove back to McDonough.
Charlie and I had some down time and then
my sister, Mary Ann, arrived.

She has really been wanting to see the children only she couldn't get here for Ada and John.
She spent the night at Ann's.  
We've all been together today.
Tonight they're all at Luke's T-Ball Game.
I'm here alone doing this but am about to spruce things up a bit.

Tomorrow Mary Ann leaves and most of the Baldwin family will be arriving at my house.
Jamie and Beth Baldwin.
Joy and Ben, Brennan and Knox Finch.

They are using my house and yard to have a bit of an Easter get together.
I'm so glad.  Can't wait to see them - only I need to do some picking up.

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