Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Don't Know What to Say

About Everything.
I'm so relieved and grateful that Scottsboro wasn't hit, but I'm so sad for those families whose lives have been hit and hurt so badly and so tragically.

These candles are from Wednesday Night
with no power.
But so many families had no house which had no electricity in order to have the need to burn candles.

It was Ann's idea,
because she has 3 small children,

to travel to South Alabama
where my sister, Mary Ann, lives.

We're here.
Steve stayed in Scottsboro.
So did Charlie.

We drove from Scottsboro to Ft. Payne to get to I-59.
We saw Pisgah and Rainsville on Thursday when we travelled.
We saw the path of what had to have been a monster tornado.
We saw that destruction.

That was after Steve had been to Stevenson to get gasoline in Ann's van -
He was car # 61 in line.  He counted about 60 cars ahead of him, getting gasoline.

Charlie and I had already driven to Stevenson, very early,
having found out at Food World that Stevenson had power.

We were skeptical but then delighted when we saw lights in the large Stevenson sign.

First stop, McDonalds, for coffee.  and Egg McMuffins.  That, too, was a very long line.
It was worth it.  Hot Coffee.

And then bags of ice, to try to salvage food in our refrigerator and freezer.

We did find a friend with freezer room and a generator.

Ann and I travelled Thursday afternoon, neither of us having showered.
So glad for Mary Ann's electricity and hot water.

Today we visited my Aunt Mary and Cousin Melissa.

We will return to Scottsboro when they have power.
I keep talking with Charlie and Ann talks with Steven.

Although it's very very pleasant down here,
we're both anxious to return home.

I am so very thankful to have a home to return to.
I wish everyone did.

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