Monday, April 18, 2011

I Have John Today

The grandchild who doesn't know me so well - but it's only taken 1 and 1/2 days and I think we're connected.  I think he likes me.
It usually comes naturally - all that grandparent bonding - but John likes men the best - and he really likes Charlie - he automatically goes to Charlie - and I'm told he automatically goes to his other granddaddy - so .... he's a man's man.  I guess.  But he loves nurturing and I think he's realizing I'm the "other" nurturer, in this household.  So ....

John and I have had a good day.  I don't have pictures because Laura Beth took my camera with her.

She and Ada are with Ann, Ellie and Luke.  They're celebrating Ellie's birthday in Huntsville.  Ellie's birthday is on Easter Sunday - so today's the day for celebrating.  Andrew is with Steve.

Back to my house later for Cake, gifts, and Pizza.  To be followed with Luke's 2nd T-Ball Game.


I was thinking.  As I followed him around the yard - keeping him out of trouble - like the street - and climbing brick steps - and watching to see if he doesn't swallow the leaves and grass he picks up and plays with - and making sure his bare feet don't walk into trouble.

Finally - on the back porch...  I let him climb the steps , walk the length of the porch, go down the ramp with my guarding him from accelerated speed and falling, back around to climbing the steps and the whole cycle all over again.  This was his choice.  He wanted to keep doing this.  I wanted to let him, plus I knew it would get him VERY tired for a good nap.  We did that whole cycle several times.

And.... it was the love I had for him - wanting him to be able to explore and learn and experience - but protecting him from what he didn't understand - wanting him to learn his world and not be scared of it - but within limits and boundaries - and the thrill of watching him and letting him feel like he was doing something.... using his gifts of arms and legs and health and mind and intellect and interest -

What I was wondering.... how does that parallel with God and His being our Father and His watching over us and sometimes He lets us get hurt and sometimes He doesn't.  I don't know.  I was just wondering.

Enough of deep thought.  The entire birthday party has just come in the back door.

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