Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Night

But I'm still in Scottsboro.
Because of the weather but more because of other things.
Ellie and I did spend the chunk of the day in Huntsville. 
We ate at Wendy's.  At 11:00.
We were at Terrame right before our 11:30 appointment.
We had two appointments at 11:30 and 12:45.  Ellie chose for me to go first.  I did.
Below is one of three pictures I showed my stylist of bangs and blunt cuts.  This picture is the one we "went with".

If you are not yet 50 and older, you don't know what it's like to try to find a good cut and still look your age but not typically your age.  How ridiculous I feel to take in a picture of a pretty young thing with a haircut which I think might work for me.  I've googled haircuts for women over 50.  The ones I get?
Well, first I have to sift through all of them to find something that works with my hair type and works with "me".  I always come up with these:

Vanessa Redgrave.  Okay.  I'm perfectly good with this look.  Wrinkled, old, flat, not much to it, long,
and...  go to the next picture....

Pulled back.  Easy, Breezy.  
But I'm not sure friends and family are ready for me to take on this look.  VR can get away with it.
Not me.  But it looks really easy and low maintenance.

Okay, here is Helen somebody.  She's really attractive and known for keeping a "good look".
Her hair is thinner than mine and I am not "Hollywood", so I don't have access to 
maintenance of "the look".  But I like this and I would like to have this hair.

Of course here is Diane Keaton.  I always like her hair and it's something I could live with and do -
but again, none of this works on me like it does on them -

And Sally Field.  Okay - this is what I usually end up looking like - I mean, the hair - but I don't like it.  Sally Fields is good with it, I guess.  I think she's adorable, but the hair?  It looks like mine when I am way overdue for a haircut.

So - bangs and blunt cut are what have usually worked for me in the past -
childhood/teens/young adult/old adult

I don't know.  I'll stay with it.  See what happens.

But I liked the girl who cut my hair.

I'm rescheduled in 9 weeks.

for some cute.
Ellie getting her "hair shaping".
(Ellie's allergies are so bad now and she didn't have as much fun as she could have.  She is miserable with allergies.  During the cut, with the hair in her face, that really cranked them up)

We bought one cupcake to share
and picked out five more to take to Ellie's parents and brothers for tonight's dessert.

I also bought Ellie a pink T-Shirt with the cupcake Logo on the front.
It says something about "I Love Cupcakes".

I forgot to take that picture.

I had fun.  I think Ellie worked at having fun.  Her allergies were a struggle.

Tomorrow morning, early, I travel to Evergreen.

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