Saturday, March 5, 2011

Things in the Forefront of My Mind


  • Kate is in the air, on her way to New York. 
  • What to have with grilled hamburgers instead of the same ol' same ol'.
  • Ann and boys will be by around 10:00 while Ellie does art.
  • This beautiful, very very very moving personal story which this lady shares of her life and rebirth: click on  Ellie Ellsworth, Actress in New York
  • What I keep studying in Isaiah - how very very eternally, infinitely sovereign our Holy God is over our lives - those of us who are his - born again - the mystery of rebirth - and He will be glorified in us and He is the one doing the work in each of us who are His.  We see our failures.  He sees His work and His plan and He purposes that it will be accomplished.  And He sees us covered in the righteousness of Christ because of Christ's sacrifice on the cross. He draws us to Him.  He completes the work He began in us when we were born again by His Holy Spirit.  
  • Now, due to the phone call which just came in, Ada's stomach virus which kept them all up last night - well - not John - although I don't know how John's frequent waking factored into the whole evening.  And hoping the others don't get it, and if that virus is alive and well this weekend, I don't want to take Andrew there as planned, while Ann goes on a lady's retreat. 
  • How I will make best use of this rainy Saturday
  • Mike and Mary joining us for hamburgers tonight along with Ann, Steve and children
  • Putting together some sort of bible/book/topic study for the younger women in our church who have expressed a desire for this - older as well, if they want to.  I'm considering a study on prayer, prevailing prayer and corporate prayer - by Tim Keller - again - my go to.  Maybe I'll check out studies by John Piper.  or a new guy I just heard of yesterday - Eric Metaxas.  
  • Eric Metaxas.  My cousin-in-law, Martha, told me about him yesterday and has just heard him speak.  He's written a book on Bonhoeffer - a biography, actually.  She really likes him.  Go HERE
  • How to keep from "eating too much" today.
  • Shouldn't I fold the clothes that need folding and how I don't enjoy housework, but neither do I enjoy a messy house.  hmmmm.  lifelong dilemma.  
  • getting back to my new favorite thing - daily crossword puzzle and daily codebreaker at  
  • getting back to my new book King's Cross - see previous post - just scroll down.  I like it. I like it. and I even wonder should us girls do a book study.  It puts us in Mark.  
  • getting up and getting a shower
  • completing sewing projects which I began right after Christmas.  While they have slowed down, I'm still on them and did move my sewing machine upstairs and made that a very functional sewing area.
  • Praying for my daughters and two sons-in-law and my grandchildren and how I want God to prevail in our lives and give us each very very very upfront encounters with Him - I want us to know Him more and more and more and more and deeper and deeper and deeper - I want Him to work out "stuff" in our hearts and minds that must go - Fill us up, fill us up, fill us up - call us - change us - make us - shape us.  I want our eyes on Him and His purpose and His will and His glory.  About Him, not us.  the us includes Charlie and myself.
  • How fun it is to watch The Waltons each weeknight at 7:00 on the Inspirational Channel.  That's 74 for us.  My favorite evening entertainment these nights. 
  • Other things/friends/family members on my heart and their circumstances - but can't type it here.   
That's all for now.  Need to get up and act on some of those things.

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