Friday, March 18, 2011


I'm so so so glad it's here!
Isn't everyone?  
Yesterday - out in the yard -
The weeds, the weeds, the weeds.
So many.  
I've created a monster of a yard.  The weeds feel right at home in all of my beds.

So - after walking with Ann and her 3 (or four if you count Abigail who is growing in Ann's tummy - I bet Ann counts her when she's carrying around that load) at County Park ........

We then went to my house.

I talked Ann into staying a while - I really had to talk her into it - Andrew napped at my house -

The rest of us went outside - I pulled weeds - Ellie and Luke played - Ann read her homeschooling material and soaked up some sun.

Ellie's never without a paper and pen or crayon or pencil or marker.  Even outside.

We had an incident at the park - which would make for a much more interesting post.

I downloaded all the pictures on my camera and emailed them to Ann.

She'll surely be telling that story.  

I tried to leave the best pictures for her post.

I'll give her a few days and see if she goes with it.

Today?  Back to my yard.
Loving the mild weather and sunshine!


Laura Forman said...

Okay, so the newest addition has a name now? Abigail?? Tell Ann to make sure to add that in her post, what's her middle name?? Loved the pictures! :)

Elizabeth said...

Answer Laura's comment: They haven't settled on the middle name - it's between 2 names. I don't think they've settled on it. Are you not posting these days, since you're back in the U.S. I can't keep up with you and your two if you don't blog.