Thursday, March 24, 2011

Okay, So Now It's Been 5 Days

since I last posted....
again, if anyone cares, or if you're like me - I just love a new post.
If you take the time to look at my list to the right (well, you have to scroll down a bit) - I go first to family posts - then to friends - 100% I'm gonna open those up and read them, the new ones - get a little excitement - when I see there's a new one.
I will say that in the list of "Other blogs....."  I am selective about what I open up.  I don't read all of those. My favorites in that list?  Right now?  The Simple Wife - that is definitely #1.  what a story!  Her sister is KHPhotography and that is my 2nd "go to".  They are tied together in this story that God has woven into the life of this whole extended family.  Blows my mind!
I always, almost, will read Gypsy Mama.  Love that girl.  She reminds me of my daughters.  She just had a baby.  She is such a good writer and so honest about her life.  I love when A Deeper Story has something new.  I always go to it, check it out pretty quick - to see if it's what I want to read.  There are some women on there who are amazingly honest about their experiences and how God has brought them through them and is still healing them.  Huge eye opener about how varied the body of Christ is - how we all have such different experiences which shape us.  Always read Fly Through Our Window when she posts.  also, Gazing Upward.  The food ones and the crafty ones, well, I read the title to see if I want to go there -

Okay - sorry - never mind - I was talking about how I haven't posted and why - I have nothing ordinary to talk about that I think would be entertaining(not even remotely interesting)....
Yet I want to maintain this blog -

I am ingesting/digesting two books right now.  King's Cross by Tim Keller and One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voscamp.  Highly recommend King's Cross.  Not far enough into One Thousand Gifts to say anything.  She is a different kind of writer.  Poetic.  I'm not poetic. I get to the point - so - it's hard for me to read - but I know enough about her and her story - it's worth it to me to stay with it.  She's an incredible writer - just have to be able to shake up the brain cells to understand.

Also - have been in Bible Study Fellowship since September 2010 and we've been studying Isaiah.  Oh my goodness!  Oh my goodness!  Let me just say, "It's true - it's true!  God is so very very very, infinitely sovereign and right and loving and compassionate and holy.  Yes.  I don't blog about these deep issues because - well - I can't reprint the entire book by Tim Keller - nor can I type the entire book of Isaiah and say what it all means to me - I can point you to these - but heck, maybe God has you in something else - some other book or some other book of His word.  I don't know.

I did order a book today - another one - OH LOVE THAT WILL NOT LET ME GO by Nancy Guthrie, recommended by Scott Parr who got the recommendation from Steve Barber (my son in law).  I thumbed thru Scott's and HAD TO HAVE IT!  I also ordered some cd's from Redeemer Website.  So excited for all of this to get to me.

My friend, Mary, went with me to Huntsville today.  Love all my time with her.  I was getting things at Costco and Fresh Market - Kate is coming home tonight.  She's on the road right now.  I also made a hair appointment at Artisan's, finally.  and one for Ellie, also.  Together we'll go on Monday and have a "girl's day".

That's all.  There, Elizabeth, you have posted on this day, March 24.

Perhaps I'll get pictures of this family weekend with my baby girl at home.

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LB said...

yes, I like it when you put up a new post:)

Glad you and mary went to Huntsville and fun that Kate is coming home. And you and Ellie going together to get your hair cut. So cute.

Okay, that's all I have to say. Oh, they leveled the lot even more today and cleared away the rubble. Amazing.