Monday, March 14, 2011

Eight Days Ago

I posted.  Wrote something on this blog.
Then there was Sunday.  
and Monday.
Many phone calls to and from McDonough regarding Ada and her extended stomach virus.  Go Here to read when we thought it was all a basic child virus and recovery.

If you read Laura Beth's Blog  then you know that they ended up at Children's Hospital in Atlanta.

At 10:00 pm on Monday night I heard from Laura Beth that, yes, they were taking Ada to the hospital.

Seizures wouldn't stop.

So hard to know what to do here in Scottsboro - besides grab my keys and run out the door, heading for Atlanta.  Of course I didn't do that.  I wouldn't have known where to go at that point and it would have been foolish - with so little info.

I couldn't think clearly, so I went to bed - with phones beside me, just to get what sleep I could, if I could.  Knowing it might be a "travel in the night kind of night".  About midnight Laura Beth phoned and updated.  Final call at 2:00 am, they were admitting Ada.  CT Scan was clear but she was still having seizures and they needed to figure it out.  I couldn't sleep after that.  Got up - began to take care of small details because I knew I'd be gone from the house for several days.  I then bathed and began to pack and finally at 5:30 I was leaving my driveway for Atlanta.  During all of that I made Charlie sleep.  Last week he was in the middle of Grand Jury and he just didn't need to be awake all night with a another day of GJ facing him.

Arrived at the hospital around 9:30 my time/10:30 Atlanta.  My plan was to see Ada and soon to leave for Laura Beth's house and retrieve John who was staying with their friend.  Ada never let me leave.  I was there with them on Tuesday through Wednesday when we brought her home and returned yesterday, on Sunday.

Ada is fine and great.  The doctors couldn't determine the cause of the seizures, even after the CT Scan, EEG and MRI.  All clear.  Her fever wasn't high enough, her electrolytes not low enough, and the zophran given her for nausea doesn't usually affect children that way.  We disagree.  We think it was the combination of all of those and we do think the zophran was affecting her and even though they recommended TWO YEARS of seizure medication, Laura Beth declined.  No way.  Gotta give it some time and see how she does without it on a healthy basis.  Ada is great and energized now.  Unbelievable once the IV hydrated her and she got over the virus.  And got caught up on sleep and her appetite is very much back.  More than usual.  She is not a big eater on a good day.  She's catching up though since she didn't eat for about 5 days.

Just in case I go another 8 days without posting - it will probably be due to this latest development.

Scott, Ada's daddy, got that same virus on Friday - one week after Ada had it.  I've never heard of a week's incubation period for a virus.  He's been sick since Friday and all during this post Laura Beth has been phoning me and updating me because he had to go to Urgent Care this morning.  He woke with a high fever and chills and at Urgent Care they've told him his oxygen levels are low and they did a chest X-Ray.  That was fine, the chest X-Ray,  but they are sending him home with vague instructions and a random AntiBiotic.  What?  for a virus?  and on an empty stomach?  and said if he's still sick in the morning he needs to go to the ER for an IV.  It's all sketchy to me and I keep telling LB things to call back about before he heads home.  I think he needs an IV now.  Anyway - could it be that I end up back in McDonough?

To be continued......

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