Saturday, March 19, 2011

FRIDAY in the Yard

Now my tools are 
I see my friends pass by in their car and I'm in contortions either pulling weeds or taking weird pictures which don't turn out very good

but.... it's the best I can do.

There's so much to be done in my yard - and I did work yesterday - but still there's much more to be done.

I love doing it.  I love it.

Below is something new I bought yesterday at Home Depot.
The one that is an orange/red color is Heuchera Kassandra.  Copied that off the pot.
Already knew it needed part sun - which is why I bought these 3 for this pot.  
The green one with similar leaves is Heuchera, Dale's Strain.
And the tiny low one in the front is Snow in Summer/Cerastium Alpinum
They all pretty much require not getting "too wet".  When the emphasis is on good drainage - that's what I assume it means.  I just read all about the Snow in Summer and I'm not thinking I'll have much luck with it.  The other two might make it.

I love container gardens and arrangements, but I NEVER can get them to do right, as in "live".
The magazines talk like it's so easy.
The ground just works better for me.

Below is the ka zillion bulbs of Narcissus or Paper Whites -  I pulled them up.
They had gotten so abundant and tight that they had quit blooming.
Didn't bloom last year and I never got around to thinning them.
I had to do it this year.  
I will redistribute these in my beds.

There are so many.  Anybody want some?  
I can't possibly replant all of these.

And these are daffodils.  They do still bloom, but still very much needed thinning.
Anybody need some daffodils?

I love "walks".  I bought these stepping stones at Home Depot.
I needed four more, so Charlie and I went back last night to get my other four,
plus pea gravel to work on my other "path" that I have.

Me and My Shadow

Faithful Hosta.  I think I need to borrow some of this from the side bed and place it near my new walk.
I just thought of that.

Variegated Monkey Grass or Leriope or Variegated Lilyturf

I like it a lot and wish I had never planted common Monkey Grass around my beds.
Wish I'd only used this.

What will be dogwood blooms.

and the earliest shoots of what will be my beautiful Peonies

These are everywhere.  Grape Hyacinth.

That's all.  I did buy herbs yesterday and planted those.
In the front in full sun.  
I basically have a new little herb garden spot.
I bought new Rosemary and hope it'll do better than it's doing in the side yard which doesn't get as much sun.
I also bought cilantro and flat leaf parsley and planted those.
There was no basil.  I have to find basil so it can get started growing.

We aren't going to have another frost or freeze this year are we?

I'll just cover everything up, I guess.

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