Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not Eight Days Later

It's the Next Day
I didn't have to travel back to McDonough.
We have reason to think that Scott might be on the mend.
We think.  Surely.
So here are John and Ada - who don't show up in this blog as often as Ellie, Luke and Andrew - because they aren't in range of my camera as often.

Actually - I'm not even supposed to be blogging about my grandchildren because my intent is to let their moms do that - still - it's hard not to when they are intertwined in my life.

I miss them already and wish I could see them regularly.  John is very very boy.  He seems to want to throw every object.  Have you noticed that, Laura Beth?  I don't think we commented about that.  He loves Ada and isn't bothered by her physical grips on him.  The hard tight clumsy hugs don't seem to irritate him.  She loves him very much.   Children gain so much from their siblings.  I've always said, it's the first lesson in "dying to self", "yielding to another", "sharing", "fighting and forgiving", so much.

Fully recovered Ada - who loves so much.
She loves her mom and dad, she loves John, she loves me, she loves her friend next door, she loves "tartoons", she loves outdoors, she loves her cousins, she loves for people to be happy, 
she really loved her Dora Balloon sent from Mary Ann while in the hospital.
She loves skipping and jumping and being silly.
And she loves to talk and ask lots of questions and get answers.
and do art.  She loves doing art.

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