Friday, May 27, 2011

Why I Named My Blog What I Named It

"Elizabeth, I have to there a neat 
story behind the name of your blog?"  asks a 
sweet friend in Greenville, AL. 
(she asked in the comments)
Oh, yes, indeed.
In my first post written on this blog, and you can click here,   (or keep reading and I'll tell the story) I told the story of the name of my blog.
I began this blog in June of 2008.  Ellie was 3.  Ellie is my oldest grandchild.  She was smitten with the 3 disney princesses.  Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid.  
You can figure out where this is going.

Yes,  Ellie,  with incredible confidence and clear diction, would pronounce those names, Cinderella, Sleeping Judy and Little Furmaid.  It was incredible the way she would say those and also with two missing front teeth.  I didn't want to forget but even now I forget.  Even with my blog title being those names.  Ellie is now 6 and is reading very very well - with much expression.   And I don't think she even remembers calling them by those names.  We actually let it go on for some time without correcting her.  We, as in her parents and myself.  We called them those names, too, because no one had the heart to tell her when she'd gotten too old to be making the mistake.  I think I was the one who confessed first to her that we had led her astray - letting her believe those were correct pronunciations.  It took us all a while to get it right - we were so used to her version of those names.

Here's the thing - enter - Ada - my second granddaughter.  She, too, began to love those princesses.  She got Cinderella correct and she got Little Mermaid correct - however - her mom has a very good friend named Tutti.  It's a nickname but that's what everyone calls her.  Everyone - friends - family - so when Ada's ears and brain took in the name Sleeping Beauty  she heard "Sleeping Tutti" instead.  Isn't that hilarious.  And she was corrected - by one of her little girlfriends - yet Ada defended it strongly - "No!", she said.  "It's not Sleeping Beauty, it's Sleeping Tutti!"

So - it was too late to change or edit my Blog title - I couldn't add Tutti to what was already Judy.  

There's the story of my blog title.  I am now waiting on my 3rd granddaughter, Abigail.  I wonder what she will name those 3 princesses - or any of the others.  We're all into Rapunzel right now - you know, Rapunzel of "Tangled".  Right now she is the most talked about amongst the two granddaughters.  Luke, the eldest grandson, is into SuperHeroes, in a big way.  So - Andrew tries to follow suit.  John is into his sippy cup and blue blanket.  His Blue Blanket and food are his two super heroes - well - besides his mom's lap.  Those are his 3 super heroes, I guess.  Oh, and he loves to throw things.  His mom repeatedly tells him no no.  It's just such a temptation to put a good toss on some toy - as in fling it hard and vigorously across the room.

P.S.  I have finished the book for Ada.  She requested that it be pink with a really nice button on the cover.  Her first book was predominantly blue with a plain white button on the cover.  I made this second book very pink and it has 3 heart shaped, pink buttons on the cover.  I plan to take pictures and post them soon. 

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