Friday, May 13, 2011

A Fun Game

Do you like word games?

Here's what I really like doing.

Go to and click on WORD GAMES.

THEN, at the top, third one over, click on the game called eight letters.

Then click play.

Next up, click play again, and you're in the game.

I've never been very good at unscrambling letters to make a word, but I'm getting better at this.  It's fun seeing how high a level I can get to.

If you click on top scores, you'll see that there are some really smart people out there.  Who and Where are these people?  They must be brilliant.

If you do this and get a super duper high score, let me know.  I'll be very impressed.

Sometimes when I'm playing this, the phone rings - and if it's next to me I am torn between answering it or staying with the game and calling back -  because you're on a timer when playing.

So - once I confessed to my baby girl, Kate, that I didn't answer - I was too high up in my score - higher than I'd ever been - so I waited until that round was over and I called her back.

Sometimes Charlie will come into the room to say something and I motion to him to wait - I have to finish that one round.  I think that's reasonable..... don't you?

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