Friday, May 20, 2011

Ahhhh, Friday.

Beautiful Day.
Summer colors.
Mary and I drove to Guntersville yesterday.
We ate lunch at  Delish!

After that we walked up and down the streets and mostly found ourselves in antique stores and flea markets.  There are a lot of those in Guntersville.

I bought this old window.

I love what I see that some folks do with old windows, but I've never actually bought one.
Only "almost" bought one.  

I bought mine yesterday because this one really got to me.

I really really liked it.

Now - what will I do with it?

Inside or out?  I think I'll start with outside.  I'll put screweyes in the top, and probably get a chain, a small one - and hang it on the wall of my porch.  Actually, I'm not quite sure how I want to hang it.  

Eventually it might go inside.  I'll just start with this.

But while I was taking pictures - well - I took some more of my back porch areas.

This is the birdcage I bought about 2 weeks ago.
but I've yet to get any kind of exclamation from anyone else when I show it to them.

I take them to the birdcage, I say with much animation, "Look at my birdcage I bought!!" and they usually respond very politely and with some amount of approval and like, "Ohhhh, a birdcage!  I like it!".

I'm thinking noone gets it like I do.
I think it has to do with my grandmother, Ella, who had a bird, a canary, named Petey.  And he was in a cage on a stand similar to this one.  Petey had belonged to my great-grandmother, Ada.  Ella told me that.  Petey was very old.  He died of smoke inhalation the night Ella and Elbert's house caught on fire.
I was 7 or 8.

Anyway - my birdcage. 

Okay - other images from the back porch and then I'm done.
As usual, hydrangeas are included.  I am incredibly grateful to have my hydrangeas kindly growing in my yard - cooperating with me and producing beautiful blooms.
Also feel the same way about my magnolia tree.

That's all.
I have to go in and get dressed for the day.


Mary Ann said...

Really, really nice!!!

atfarrar said...

I love your window and the bird cage! I have an old painted window that hangs in my breakfast area window & just love it. Your porch is wonderful; loved all the hydrangeas. You'll find many uses for your cage out there. Have a great summer:-)