Friday, May 27, 2011

Ada's Very Pink Book and My Very Pink Project

I love a project.  I love it.  I also love a doable project, one that is possible - quick - I can complete it.  Ada's book.  

Here it is on the book shelf, just like all the other "books".

OH! Someone has pulled it out and it's sitting on top of a stack of "other books".

Let's look at it.
This, obviously, is the cover.

Title:  ADA, Her Very Pink Book

awwwww.  The dedication or inscription or some kind of identification.

Now - some sneak previews, within the book.

That is Ada's book.

Ellie saw it today and asked about it.

Ellie can read perfectly, with correct voice inflections.
She read Ada's book to me, out loud, all in the room listening.

Ellie wants her own book.

I told her I'd make her one.

1 comment:

LB said...

(I am typing for Ada)
"I love Near. Her make coffee. I help her make coffee." [At this point, I just asked, do you want to say anything about the book?]"I love my book. Because there are flaps in it. It's so pretty. Because it's pink. and that's all. I'm all done."

When she saw the cover, she said, "My name is on it!! It's pink with hearts!!" She loves it, and we can't wait to get it.