Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Heard from Kate

She emailed me.  She was in China at 2 AM.....there.  I think it was 2 PM here.  I think.  I was in the middle of having put Andrew down for a nap and getting Ellie & Luke in the inflatable pool outside.  Ann was in H'ville for her 36 week visit to the baby doctor.... or 37th week.  I lose track.

Anyway - I was inside, again, to get something....and to make sure I didn't hear Andrew..... and I checked email - I had a brief email from Kate!!  So - that was it.  She was there.  She was exhausted.  She was going to bed.  She was in a hotel.  That's all I know.  That was enough to know.

This morning I cut hydrangeas.  Mine are luscious....at least I think so.   Let me correct that.  God's hydrangeas are luscious.  His just happen to be growing on this piece of property which He has allowed us to dwell upon. In the house which He has given to us to dwell in.  With the strengths and interests to grow His beautiful hydrangeas which He thought of.

HOW does He know these beautiful blues and purples and anything in between?????  They're gorgeous.  Along with everything else He created - oh, except frogs - and lizards - well - all reptiles - Okay - I admit - they're very very creative. Just not what I enjoy looking at.

Frogs or Hydrangeas - which do you prefer?
Frogs freak me out.


joy said...

frogs creep me out more than any other species! really,,.more than spiders and crickets and that says a lot bc i don't like those one bit either! beautiful hydrangeas...now if i could just get some to grow here!

Laura Forman said...

so glad to hear that kate made it!! i must admit i a just a bit jealous, she is in the place i love so much!! and i love, love, love your hydrangeas! I could look at them all day!