Friday, June 3, 2011

As If You Don't Know

What Summer Looks Like....
But what else can I post about?
There is a lot more on my mind, 
but it has to do with prayer and God's kingdom and His will and I'm trying to collect my thoughts and put it in a post to share what's going on in my heart - but - really - there must be so much going on in your heart and
Your summer.
It's HOT - for one thing.
I have nothing but pictures.  I have been "decluttering" the last two days.  Whoa!  I am very pleased with what has been accomplished - but not one person would notice or know the difference.  Still, it pleases me to get it done.  But this is just downstairs.  I still have upstairs to deal with - since before Easter - we've had guests.  There is the changing of sheets and making of beds.  there is the organizing of what Kate left here while she's in China - that's all next week - getting that done - coralling her "stuff".

Fresh Mint in Water

More Cut Hydrangeas
Rescuing Them from the Heat 

I Just Like Mason Jars
and This One Is Drying

Watering My Thirsty Flowers
Which Is So Very Summer

These Were Watered All Morning
and Still, in the Afternoon,
While I Am Watering the Others,
These Wilt.
The Sprinkler Is Soaking Them Now, Again.

Ahhhh, the Look of an Unsophisticated
Watering/Sprinkler System

It's Straight Out of the Side of the House.
Dragging Long Hose Is Involved &
It's Muddy and Wet.

These Did Not Wilt.  
They're Happy with the Amount of Water They Received Most of the Morning.

Two Limbs I Am Rooting.
See the Bricks Holding Them Down - to the Ground?

Happy and Watered

If You Look Closely,
Here's Another I'm Rooting.
You Can See the Clay Pot Holding Down the Limb of the Bush.

More of my Treasures in the Heat

and Paths.
I Like Paths and Walkways.

 Here Is One Which Rooted Itself.

These Bags of Water Are All Over My Back Porch.
They Keep the Flies Away.

My Vase.
A Diet CheerWine from North Carolina.
When We Visited Kate.
A Popular Soft Drink There.

On This Table.
Now the Table Is Empty!!

Organized Stacks Moved to my Office  Coffee Table for Me to "Go Through".
I'm Making Much Progress.

Arrangement Behind Me While I Work at My Desk Coffee Table.

That's all.
It's Summer.  I'm Glad.  It's Hot.  I Don't Care.
I Think I'll Cut Grass This Afternoon.
Still No More Word from Kate.

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