Thursday, June 23, 2011

If Anybody Cares

I haven't been posting.

I've been blank.  I think it's been the heat and the anticipation of that huge event - THE HUGE EVENT - appearing on the horizon - ABIGAIL - with my eyes focused on Abigail's arrival my peripheral vision has been obstructed - not working.  I can't see other stuff very well.

"Out of my way, out of my way, Abigail is coming soon!"

Our yard is a disaster.  Weeds are full grown.  As in flowering and reseeding.   Stuff and traveling and unexpected, yet very welcome, rain has prevented our mowing and weed eating - which are the basics - and then taking care of beds - that's the big thing.  We've done nothing in the yard for 3 weeks.  Well, Charlie did a little in the front.

Abigail will be "induced" to arrive on Monday.  Ann and Steve are to be in Labor and Delivery at 6:00 AM on Monday morning, June 27.

( I know that I'm supposed to say that Ann will be induced on Monday - which is correct - still - don't we think of the baby and its decision to leave that warm fluid safe world?  I think we should say Ann will be induced - because I don't think Abigail would ever decide to leave where she is)

June has been HOT!  Unseasonably Hot!  Am I right?  No easing into summer.  I hear that July is supposed to be the June that we expected - or expect.  July is supposed to be milder.  That would be great.

There have been other things going on - but not suitable for blog posts -

Oh - and I did make a trip to McDonough, GA to stay with my little Ada and John - while Mom went to her 9:30 appointment in the big city of Atlanta - at Emory University Hospital -

As we wait for Abigail's arrival - I am reminded of our last vigil - waiting for John to come into the world - Babies are exciting and intense and they create an upheaval - and so they should.

New Life.

(Kate will be home July 1.  From China)

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Laura Forman said...

I have been missing you! So glad to hear that you are back :) I have been wondering how Kate was doing...glad to hear she is coming back July 1st. I sure hope she shares all the details either on blog or email :) And can't wait to see sweet Abigail's face :) Love to all of you!!!