Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday at Home Again

I began this morning early. 6:21 am.
That's sleeping late for me.

7:something is seriously late for me.

I hate to wake Charlie, and any noise does - 
so I have to be really quiet.

I made coffee.  Seattle South is my absolute favorite and I recently splurged on it.  My canister is full of it, still.  

Waited, on the couch, for the perking to end.  Electric Percolator.

I heard Charlie get up.  

Looked up, saw him bringing me a cup in my favorite white mug.

Ahhhh.  That's the life.  Luxury.  Pampered.

and now, after a morning at home doing Saturday "stuff" and then at Ann's helping her in the afternoon finish "cleaning" upstairs - we're here at the house - 

It's the final countdown toward Abigail.  
Ellie, Luke, and Andrew are in Chattanooga with Steve's mom and sister.  Steve is at Bryan College at Youth Camp.  Tomorrow is church with a guest speaker.  And all of Ann's family will be back home tomorrow afternoon, late - along with Diana and Stephanie.  

We're gathering for Abigail's birth.

I'm excited.

I began the day, with coffee, and typing my handwritten notes on the sermon by John Piper.  The one I wrote about yesterday.
"At the Price of God's Own Blood".  Tell me that doesn't get your antennae up.  Surely it does.  

Here is what I want my every morning prayer to be:
"May the Lamb that was slain receive in my life today the reward of His sufferings".  
based on Revelations 5:9

Oh.  And if you want an easy way to listen to that sermon, straight from this post,
here it is:

I hope that works.  I'll test it after I publish this post.

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