Friday, June 24, 2011

Really? Today's Friday?

It feels like Saturday.
Charlie took the day off - if you live in town, and ride by my house, you'll see him on both lawn mowers,
(not at the same time)
and using the Weed Eater.
That's just the basics.  
I'll get out there, too, but I have inside stuff as well.
I'm stealing this computer time.  I snuck in.  I have to give myself breaks.
I'm wanting to post, so badly, what I gleaned from John Piper yesterday and today.
I don't know how to do that without running off any reader.
I'm gonna figure it out, though.

If you want to go to Itunes and then to Podcasts, John Piper, and then find the one that is titled "At the Price of God's Own Blood" 
recorded April 21, 2011 Classics Podcast  Then you can hear it yourself.

I listened to it yesterday and then began the Stop/Start method of taking notes verbatum, yesterday and today.  I love it.
Notes don't include John Piper's inspiring voice inflections.  I love the emphasis he puts on certain things.  I needed that yesterday and today.  It's like getting a shot of something electrifying in my soul.

If anyone out there reading this does go and listen to that sermon - please please leave comments on here about some of the favorite stuff in that sermon that you heard.

I have to get back outside - and while I'm deadheading the hydrangea bushes I'll be telling Him again,
"Lord, have all of me - whatever it takes - "

Oops, Charlie just came in the back door - not that he checks up on me - still - he's working so hard - I need to be out there, too.

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