Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Post on Abigail

With Pictures that no one has used yet ...
because we, of course, want to find the prettiest ones.  They're really all pretty and miraculous - aren't they? However, I've picked for my post, some typically newborn looks on Abigail Ann.

I counted 14 new babies through the window this morning.
Seriously, they were all beautiful and precious and adorable.  They are brand new infants - fresh into this world.  They each have a life.  And that was only this one morning and one moment in one hospital in a small city.  They're everywhere - those new babies and those new lives - and families crowding around the window to see their star attraction.  Very proud daddies, parents, siblings, moms in wheel chairs, moms shuffling down the hall - any one of us either going for coffee or ice chips or trying to see another glimpse of new baby.  Pinks and Blues decorating the doors of the rooms where families congregate, with excitement - or sorrow.

One very young mom across the hall from Ann would be wheeled toward the elevator in her hospital gown, once by her mom, again by her very young husband.  The first time I saw her her face was tear streaked.  I put the story together - guessing they were headed for NICU - guessing the new dad was already up there and things must have been - well - not the outcome they had expected.  This morning - baby must have made it through the night.  Young mom was being wheeled by young dad onto the elevator.  

Even as a healthy baby and full term, my Laura Beth's John had to be in NICU for 8 days.  She went home without a baby and made those visits back and forth - she had to come home with empty arms for a few days before bringing John home with healed lungs.  So - those other situations, unexpected, baby too early - my heart reached out to that couple this morning and yesterday.  I pray their baby lives and thrives.

Abigail looking like a little bird - "Feed me".

Those tiny feet.

Tiny feet being held by older hands.
My skin, her skin.

That newborn cry

Ellie, like her mother 23 years ago, very confident with a newborn little sister.

More crying.

Candid shots - it evokes a funny caption.
"making a list of the things she expects when she gets home - 'first of all, feed me on demand!' "

Ahhhh, that deep sleep.  This was after eating all during the night.
And now settling into a deep sleep in the morning daylight.

That hospital bling.

Abigail Ann Barber
3:53 am June 27, 2011
7 lb. 3 oz. 20 inches.

Happy Birthday!


LB said...

I can't get enough of the pictures!!!! Love her!!

Susan said...

another beautiful granddaughter. Congratulations! Keep the pictures coming Near!

Vintage Station said...

Thanks for reminding me of that little squeak and the sweet smell of little babies! Such a cutie too!!