Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Upcoming Book

First, I have to get off that other post.
It was really hard for me to do that, but that song and I wanted to express how I see my life visually.  HECK!  I see everything, visually.  If I want to remember something, I have to concentrate and "picture" it.  Get a visual.

But that song.....

and I don't think I communicated how it expresses my whole life and explains so much to me.

But I'll get off of that and get off of those pictures of me, aging, and when I was very young, and then I got older, and now I am older - but will get even older, which is fine with me.  Of course, the Lord could plan for me to go to my eternal home earlier than my life expectancy  -  so - whatever.

About the title of this post...

upcoming book....

Ada is finally enjoying a book which I made for her  2 years ago.  It was the summer before she turned 2.  

I enjoyed making it.  I even binded it by "sewing the binding".  I wanted to use as little glue as possible.  I wanted it to last.

Here is Ada with her book.  The one I made her when she was two.  I took this picture when I was in McDonough.  Our first morning, Monday, waking up together.  She loves for me to make coffee with her, for her, together.  We look forward to it.  Psst.  I don't think her parents make it with her when I'm away.  I think that when Laura Beth and Scott have grandchildren, their special event will be to drive to Sonic with their grandchildren, while their adult children sleep, and they'll all get diet coke.

It occurred to me, now that Ada really likes this book, that it's time to make another.

All I needed was a little encouragement from her.

I told her I'd make her another book - and with even more encouragement I'll make one for any of my grandchildren.

Ada requested that the next book be pink.  And that it have a really special button on it.
This first one is blue and has a plain white button on the cover.  It was just embellishment.
She now wants pink and fancy.  Her grandmother is a minimalist but deep inside is very pink and very red and very gaudy.  I can do pink with a special button!

The secondary story in the book will be about our trip to Taco Bell.
Here is a sneak preview of one of the photos in the book.

The primary story in the book will be about our making coffee together.

Another sneak picture - a teaser - 

I'll post about the finished book.

I really like making them and I really really really like when the recipient enjoys the book.

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Mary Ann said...

love this post. The pictures are just wonderful. I'm glad Ada is now liking the book. I look forward to seeing book #2.