Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer Is Over

It's here - September 1, 2009.

I'm good with it and ready for fall. My birch trees are losing their leaves and I'm liking the feeling - the dry feeling in the yard, even though we've had lots of rain. I just miss summer and was especially glad to see it this year - looked forward to it more than usual. End of 2009 and beginning of 2010 will hold a lot. Well, there's Thanksgiving followed by Christmas. Buckle up for that anyway. Throw in the fact that Andrew will have to have a little surgery either before Christmas or following Christmas, Sarah graduates at the end of this semester and we'll have to move her out of Auburn into somewhere, and Laura Beth is expecting her little one at the beginning of February. Lot of big stuff - but such is life and I don't mean to sound like a wimp. I am a bit wimpy, in anticipation. In the actual doing of the thing I've been raised by Edith and Frank to "get the thing done". Also, I am in the process of being "sanctified" to do all things "in Christ". There.

That's all for this post.

Just wanted to greet September.

Well, I'll say this. What I've done yesterday and today. I don't enjoy folding clothes and I don't enjoy ironing. Both build up - the piles of clean clothes and the piles of unironed clothes. Charlie irons his own and he also is good to fold. Well, yesterday and today, I wanted to listen to Tim Keller - pastor at Redeemer Pres. in New York. I have a whole series he did on 1 Peter. It just so happens that Steve(my pastor and son-in-law) is teaching out of 1 Peter right now. Yay! At this stage of my adult life, Steve and Tim Keller are my two favorite bible teachers. That's the truth. So - each Sunday I get the cd from the previous Sunday - so I'll have a Steve Barber series on 1 Peter and a Tim Keller series on 1 Peter. Both men crack open God's word for me in such a way - it just goes way down into my soul and spirit.

As I'm listening and ironing or folding and thinking and getting the word in a profound way - I think of things I want to share on my blog - so maybe I will in a bit, but not right now.

Diana Ross is singing "I Hear a Symphony" and it's a bit distracting. :-)

Happy September!

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