Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This time last year

Last year I put together a playlist of songs that reminded me of September - I've put that list on my blog again -

(okay - edit to this post - I didn't like my idea of last year's September Songs - so I've spent some time just finding songs which are about September - Some I've known, others I haven't - there are a few which have nothing to do with September - it's such a transitional month - back to school - my mother's birthday is September 6 which makes me think of her - Leaves are beginning to fall - not the true "fall leaves" month - clothing styles are changing - away from the pastels of summer - school supplies are in the stores - back to school signs - I hear the school buses running - memories of when Ann and Laura Beth chose to ride the bus to Caldwell School - wouldn't miss that social time with the other girls on the street - all those secular "love" songs which really have nothing to do with romance the way God planned it - but still - reminders of high school days and the way our minds and hearts "thought about everything" - we didn't have a clue - but it was fun - dances - I loved those - memories - for me it was band practice every afternoon at 6th period - Friday night games - Friday afternoon parades for the home games - usually chili dogs for supper - really quick before we had to be at the bandroom early to line up - the drum beat resonating between the buildings as the band snaked it's way to the stadium - or as a child before hormones interfered with anything sane - riding to the games with Mother and Florence and Rachel - new school shoes bought at Suddith and Bethune Shoe Store which later became Lambert's Shoe Store - buying our school books before the State paid for them - cigar boxes for our school crayons and pencils - the fat kind - and paste - who can't list a million September thoughts?)

Today is September 2. I am still listening to Tim Keller in 1 Peter. I still have clothes to fold. With just 2 of us it doesn't seem like we'd have so much laundry, but we wear clean clothes each day, and there's other stuff. Anyway, I'm not going to post much here.

Here's what I do. I type out the Chapter in 1 Peter that he's on. I type it in large print for two reasons. One, so that I can see it and go to it while I'm folding - without holding it so close with my reading glasses - and also someday I think my eyesight will be even worse and I want scripture in really large print. The older I get that's all I want. I want access to God's word. Don't want to be cut off from it. Does anyone think like that? For instance, as liberal as our culture is - what if at some point we don't have access to the word? Scary. That's worse than no food.

Another thing about preparing for the future. Well, our offspring - praying praying that their hearts love God more than anything else - that He is first - that He turns their hearts in such a way to love Him completely. That's more important than their happiness, than their comfort, than their success, than their health - It's more important than anything - even than their good reputation or standing within their little social structure in which they move. And of course as we pray for them, praying for my own heart that He is above all else in my heart and that I live with no other idols above him - no other idols - but of course that takes a lifetime. No idols. We have them - we move them out, we move them back in - whatever causes me to come unglued - well, my idol just got disturbed - or have I lost my peace of mind and heart for a moment - my idol was just tampered with - As many people as there are, there are that many different things to "set our heart on", instead of on the creator Father who loves us above all else. Anyway - that's me going on and on - it's something to think about.

I'm going to type 1 Peter 4 and listen to T.K.

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