Saturday, September 26, 2009


The apple butter did great. Ann's did great. We used different recipes and both of us like hers the best, although I do like them both. I had some of mine on toast this morning. Yum.

It's raining outside - the kind of hard, yet soft, rain which invites one to sit on the porch. I would, with my coffee, but I am doing final clothes folding. Laura Beth, Scott and Ada are on their way here from Crossville - they've been with Scott's family. We are all so excited to see Ada - oh, and Laura Beth and Scott, too. :-)

Hopefully, with Ann coming by, we'll probably have pictures.

I cleaned my house yesterday - well - not the baseboards. I had planned to go back after the vacumming and mopping and bedmaking(clean sheets) and bathroom cleaning - go back and sit on the floor and go all around cleaning my baseboards. Didn't get to that - but I have the solution ready. I'm gonna do it maybe on Monday. Who hates that layer of dust that settles on the baseboards? Also, about carpet - very deceptive. Hardwood floors tell it like it is. One knows for sure if the dust is out of hand. Gotta clean those floors. But it's easier to deny the dust if there's carpet. I have way too much carpet and look forward to the day when I can have hardwood floors. My vacuum is a dinosaur - an antique - a very old electrolux. I need a new one - but that's not happening soon, either.

Just checking in so there'll be a new post and wanting anyone who reads this to know how excited I am to see Ada.

I wish Sarah and Kate could be here.

More later on this rainy, indoor Saturday.

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