Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm back posting, I'm back from Perdido Beach and I'm back with some new pictures on my Blog.
Ann was over today and I had her bring her camera.
Crow Mtn. and apple season - it's one of the best things -

We drove up there (to Crow Mtn.) on Tuesday and after the 30 min. drive and the 10-15 min. shopping spree - I had in my possession two very large bags of apples for making apple butter and one medium bag of Jonathan Gold for munching on and 1 medium bag of some kind of tart, crisp apple for freezing for pies - and a box of yummy Bartlett Pears. Those are in two bowls softening and ripening and then I better gobble them up before they go bad.

I had a wonderful time at Perdido Beach - soulful conversation with 3 unique women - They live very large Birmingham lives and mine is a simple smalltown life - I love my life, but enjoy living vicariously through theirs a few times during the year. We all grew up in a small town so we all understand that rhythm. I lived in Birmingham for a while and loved it, but I was a lot younger and so were they.
Scenes from today's Apple Butter experience. Begin with cider fresh from Crow Mtn. Apple Orchard.
.......and then the recipe tells me to boil down the cider
to half that amount.That takes 1 1/2 hours, but I should have boiled it down some more. At the end of the day I think my apple butter is too thin.

Beautiful, healthy apples.

Peeling, Peeling, Peeling.....and in between all of these stages getting phone calls and making them to Sarah. She has had a relapse with her flu and suspects a sinus infection. I connected with my Tallassee friend and her family doctor. So - a lot of back and forth calls regarding directions and appointment and insurance, etc.

So now it's the end of the day. There's been a lot happening today - not just the apple project - Ann has gone home with her camera so I can't take pictures of the finished product - but I have the apple butter in the jars and I've heard that pleasing "pop", knowing they've sealed. Ann made her own recipe and it is in the crockpot. Still has to be put in jars. That's for tomorrow.

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