Monday, August 31, 2009

More Re: Sunday Dinners

Laura Beth, my "second born", left a comment on my last post regarding the Sunday meal. Most folks who read this blog are either here by accident or are here via Ann's, Laura Beth's, Sarah's, or Kate's blog. I guess just to check out if the "apple fell very far from the tree". Anyone ever heard that analogy? My close friend, Mary Bratton, always has used that saying describing the behavior and tendencies of a child. She would say, "Well, the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree". Of course meaning we need only look to the parents and see how all of this developed. That can be good and that can be not so good.

Back to Laura Beth's comment on my post. She was drawn to my meal descriptions - I'm guessing she was salivating and having heart tugs to be on the scene, around the table - Well, if you follow her blog and a lot of folks do - you've learned that she is very transparent and doesn't fake anything. She tells it like it is. She bemoaned the fact that as a young mother she isn't doing the Sunday Meal situation. I want to clear something up.

I have a distinct memory of being a young mom - with just Ann and Laura Beth - 18 months apart and wanting to begin the good memory traditions. We were just getting started at Calvary Baptist and loving the security of that church family - and I wanted to be able to come home and have a good Sunday meal after the good fellowship at church. So I did that - I started with a determination to have those meals - but my girls were little and those Sunday afternoons turned into many hectic moments - They would be so sleepy and getting them fed and down for a nap was time consuming - plus all the cleanup of the meal - There was no rest and Sundays should be restful and relaxing if possible, as much as possible. Plus, in those days, we thought if we didn't get back for church training and evening church - well - that our world would collapse, I guess. The light bulb went off in my brain one afternoon, knee deep in dishes and so tired - "This is crazy!", I thought. I'll just have to make the "meal memories" at a later time - when the girls are older. After that we did easy quick stuff, often McDonalds or whatever else. Then Sarah and Kate came along and at some point we gathered around the table for Sunday meals again and it wasn't so crazy.

I just love Sunday Dinner, as I said yesterday.

But when the girls got a lot older as in Teenagers, not only Sunday Dinners but evening meals also fell by the wayside. There were so many different schedules and so many different eating habits - people were on diets and older and independent - We lost the "around the dinner table habit/routine".

Next phase, College and Marriage - and for a little bit it was just Charlie and me. Just for a little bit. I remember wishing I had enough people to motivate Sunday dinner - but it was just the two of us and I just was not inspired to do big cooking - but then Ann, Steve and the children moved back and here we are and I really enjoy the Sunday Meal situation and making those "family" memories. But it's the only meal in the week that I cook that big and I really enjoy it. Rest of the week? Ask my girls. Don't cook much - just last minute things like Pasta with whatever tossed into it - or a really good Salad that Charlie makes - it's loaded and soooooo good.

So - Laura Beth and young moms - you have many years to cook and create around the table memories on Sunday - if you so desire - It's very early in the game for you - you'll get there eventually. Just love those babies.


ann said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the meal. Especially the fried okra.! Haven't heard that Celine Dion song in awhile-blast from the past.

Laura Forman said...

Thanks for the encouragement :) One of the things that I have always wanted to have was family meals around the table...we are accomplishing it with one...just wonder what two will be like!! :) And they, like Ann and LB will be 18 months apart!