Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Mother and Daddy's anniversary was yesterday.

I really wanted to post regarding their engagement and wedding, but there were too many distractions here at the house.

I returned from my trip to South Alabama on Saturday. Laura Beth and Ada were already here; Scott joined them. We had a birthday party out at Ann's house for Ada's 2nd birthday.

Sunday was Sunday and very wet - so I stayed at home from church with the four little grandchildren - I'm talking WET - it was a "gully washer", for real. Our new church doesn't have the best accommodations for getting in the building reasonably dry. All my adult children, minus Kate who is in Auburn, went to church, and Charlie, of course.

Monday I kept Ada while LB and Ann went to H'ville to visit friends. Yesterday was Mother & Daddy's anniversary. August 3, 1947. I have Mother's "wedding suit" and "wedding hat", have to locate it - and wanted to take a picture of it. I also have a picture of a dress she wore while on her honeymoon - one photo of her and Daddy on their honeymoon. They went to St. Augustine, FL for their wedding trip. I need to find all of that, take pictures of it with Sarah's new camera, and post those. I also have letters written during the engagement period. Mother was 28 and Daddy was 34 when they married. Mother was working and living in Evergreen. Daddy was the new band director at the high school. He had come from his first job in Holly Springs, Mississippi. The former band director, before Daddy, was Bob Soule who was the husband of one of mother's best friends from high school. She was Jean Soule. They left Evergreen and moved to New York or Connecticut - somewhere like that. I know that before Mother met Daddy, she traveled to New York City to visit them - It was a big deal for her to make that trip. We always heard about her trip to New York City. Anyway - I've always thought that was rather unusual for her close friend to be married to the high school band director (and a talented musician) and then for Mother to meet and marry the next band director (also a talented musician). Both very well trained and educated.

I'm going to close this post and look for wedding memorbilia from Mother's stash.

Today is Tuesday and Laura Beth and Ada have returned to McDonough, GA. We have moved Kate and Sarah into their new homes in Auburn. Very pleased with their locations and setups and living situations. The move wasn't too harrowing. All in all, it was probably one of the simplest and least stressful we've experienced. We moved Sarah in, but she is back in Scottsboro for about 2 weeks. Kate is down there for prerush and rush. Sarah, being a 5th year senior, is now an alum. in her sorority.

I'm going to search for the memorabilia.

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Stephanie said...

re canning apples. The first year I canned slices I used some wild apples that grow in our pasture. They turned out well. Of course they are much softer and there is more water than fresh but they made a decent crisp.

Last year I used yellow delicious, and had similar results that you described. They are so watery. I plan to turn them into apple butter.

No matter what kind of apple you use or how you process they will be soft and there will be liquid. how much seems to depend on what kind of apples you use. With the wild apples it was tolerable for me, but it may not be something you like. A friend of mine has had better results freezing her slices.

Speaking of apples....I need to start picking! :)