Monday, August 24, 2009

Speaking of Magic...

and the imaginations of little girls....

I realize I go back in time to my childhood quite a bit. I'm ready to get off of this subject, but for two days now Ellie has seen my posts up on the computer screen and heard the music and she's loving the pictures. Yesterday she wanted to see Belle up here. I downloaded, off the internet, several Disney princess images. In spite of the fact that my yellow ink had run out - I printed out the images for her on regular computer paper. That was on Sunday. I told her the colors would be wrong. Belle's dress came out pink. She liked that. But I told her I would get some yellow ink. I did that yesterday. It was a priority. I did it after she had been at my house - so she hasn't seen the true colors printed out. Anyway - as I readied myself for the day, she stood in front of this computer, "working with the mouse" and staring at the screen. She saw her name on my blog where I've titled my music, "Ellie's Music". She came into the bathroom where I was putting on makeup and said, "Near! My name is on there!". I walked in to see what she was talking about. Ellie still says Furmaid for mermaid and Sleeping Judy for Sleeping Beauty - simply because none of us have corrected her. We're still going along with it. It's gotten out of hand. She can say correct words, but whose going to be the one to come clean with the whole thing? I think that's Ann's job....I'm feeling a bit deceptive - but I love hearing her say Sleeping Judy and Little Furmaid. On words? Yesterday Luke said AlaKirby for Albuquerque. He was talking to Laura Beth and I was telling him to tell her that Poppie was flying back to Albuquerque. That's what he said. AlaKirby. I can't remember how he pronounced Chattanooga, where Poppie(Wayne) had been, but I can assure you it was cute. The only thing is that Ellie and Luke are both old enough now, that when we discuss their cute antics, they hear us and feel a bit "laughed at". We have to be careful. They don't appreciate the humor in it. Children need to be taken seriously and respected...but they're just so cute!!!!! They bring so many smiles.
Okay - so seeing those Disney images - and hearing the magic in the music - I went again to the internet. There are so many folks out there who collect old things. Amazing psychology in that - that we do that!!! At least I'm not the only one. So many are much more into it than I. And I can count on that when I dive into cyberspace. So I did that yesterday and I found the exact image of the Miss Revlon Doll which I received for Christmas, one year, when I was at the peak of those "magical feelings" which little girls have. Here she is and I see her and remember how it felt and how beautiful I thought she was. I've done something similar to this before on an older post - but I don't think I have found this exact image before. This doll isn't even for sale. I was at a site that features so many Miss Revlon dolls. It stated that this particular doll belonged to an exclusive collection of somebody. she is...again.
Same dress, same shoes, same hair, same earrings. And if we could see her from the back, I know we'd see the same seams in her pantyhose.

I know I've talked about my Chatty Cathy doll - which I do still have - only not the original dress and box. Also, I've restyled her hair because it got a bit out of control. I trimmed it and she looks good. She also can wear all the American Doll Clothes - same body I suppose. She looks good in them. I've posted pictures of her before this. I think it was around Christmas of 2008. Anyway - I googled Chatty Cathy. - and guess what? Below are photos of a Vintage, same as mine, Chatty Cathy, never taken out of the box. It's for sale on ebay. 51.00 is the most recent bid!!!!! I would do that. I would bid on her if I could, but right now Charlie would just give up on my ever having any common sense...which I don't naturally have a lot of....I am not naturally reasonable....unreasonable is more appealing....but I was raised on reasonable and on common I do find comfort in stability, reasonable, practical - but my gaze always goes toward the erratic...just a bit. So - here is how she looked that Christmas morning - I got these photos off of ebay. It's the's all of it....just like she looked. I'd forgotten about the hairband. This is the same dress and everything!!! Do you get the same thrill in your tummy when you gaze upon this????

Ahhhhh....childhood..... and the way we felt. It's so fun looking through my grandchildrens' eyes. Seeing how they see.

Isn't she sweet and so new looking. I marked it on ebay as an item to be watched. I have about 5 days to keep from bidding. I have about 5 days to go back and consider buying her. Yipes.

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