Friday, August 21, 2009

The Music

It's been time for me to change my music. I have so many playlists and each one is put together with a purpose. Today I've put up one that I put together for Ellie. It's the Disney Songs. Ann bought her a cd for her birthday party - it was the background music for her party when the theme was Cinderella.

A few weeks ago, 2 or 3, I was driving Ellie and Luke in their van. We were coming to my house and Ann had kept my car to bring Andrew later. There's a cute little cd they have about Proverbs. I love it and wanted to listen to it. They used to love it, but Ellie really really wanted the Disney CD on that day. So I put it in. It was obvious that both Ellie and Luke love this CD. They were singing at the top of their lungs, especially during the choruses or the crescendos of each song. Luke has a vein in his neck that pops out when he sings so hard and loud. His face gets red. Their hearts were in it. So - on arrival at my house I went to the computer to "google" and "order" my own Proverbs CD so I could hear it - and also wanted to give it as a gift to a children's camp - Maranook where Kate and Sarah have worked. Again - Ellie wanted to hear Disney - so I put together this playlist for her - just so she'd have some "princess" music to listen to and dance to. She got all the dressup clothes on and danced around in my bedroom as I played her specially made playlist.

I didn't intend to post it on my blog - but today when I was trying to decide what music to put up - I thought of Ellie and decided to put it there in her honor for a few days.
On another day, when Ada was here, Ellie encouraged 2 year old Ada to also dress up. Both my little granddaughters were dancing and twirling all over the house.

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Mary Ann said...

Love, love, love the music, especially "A dream is a wish your heart makes" by Linda Ronstadt. I hear that song, and it's almost too much nostalgia for one person to take.