Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wedding Clothes

So - yesterday I wrote that Mother and Daddy's anniversary was August 3, 1947. I have now posted pictures of her "Wedding Suit", which she wore on that early Sunday morning, and one dress which she wore on her honeymoon to St. Augustine, FL.

This is her hat, described in the newspaper writeup as an "off the face beige felt."

It reads that she wore "a mink brown suit, an original model of bengaline."

Sarah is modeling the suit without the jacket.

Here are the buttons which have come off, but perhaps I'll sew them back on. I'm wondering about having the suit cleaned.

Here is the casual dress, modeled by Sarah.
(have to mention that I promised Sarah not to get her face as she had not been out of bed very long - still had "the look")

And now I'll write the newspaper account of their wedding.
The marriage of Miss Edith Northcutt of Evergreen, Ala., to Frank Wilkerson of Troy, ALa., took place at a morning ceremony on August 3, at the Methodist Church with the Rev. A.B. Carlton officiating.
The ceremony was preceded by a musical program consisting of "Fifth Symphony"(theme) - Tchaikovsky, "Poeme" - Fibich, and the traditional wedding march. "Claire de Lune" - Debussy, was played during the ceremony. The musical program was rendered by Miss Virginia Suddith of Evergreen.
The Rev. A.A. Staples, of Evergreen was best man. Mrs. W.P. Price, sister of the bride, was matron of honor and the bride's only attendant. Her dress was beige with brown accessories. She carried a small bouquet of pink rose-buds.
The bride was given in marriage by her father. She wore a mink brown suit, an original model of bengaline. Her headdress was an off the face beige felt. She carried a bouquet of yellow rosebuds. The bride's only ornament was a necklace, gift of the groom.
The mother of the bride wore a white suit with black accessories. Her corsage was pink rosebuds. The mother of the groom wore a grey dress with black and white accessories. Her corsage was white carnations.
Immediately after the ceremony there was an informal reception at new home of the bride and groom.
Among the out-of-town guests attending the wedding were: Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Purifoy, Dalton, Georgia, Mr. and Mrs. John Wilkerson, Mr. Halbert Wilkerson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilkerson and children of Troy, Alabama.
After a wedding trip in Florida, the couple will make their home in Evergreen.

Next I'm going to post some correspondence between Mother and Daddy during their courtship. Daddy wrote Mom some letters when he traveled home to Troy, also one or two when he missed her so much, living "across town". Not a large town. I don't think Daddy owned a car at that time. He was boarding, or renting a room, at the home of Mrs. Henry Wiggins(Willie Wiggins was her name). Their house was located across the street from the high school and the bandroom was right next to Mrs. Wiggins' house. The bandroom was not in the same building as the high school. I think that Daddy probably walked to Mother's house to see her - also, once they were engaged, they built a small house on the same property behind my grandparents' home - it was a small wood frame house. We lived in that house behind Ella and Elbert until I was 2 1/2 or 3. Mary Ann was 5. So - when Mother and Daddy built their new home on Williams Ave, then my grandparents moved into the little house and my Aunt and Uncle, Florence and Waynard, along with their 3 children, moved into Ella and Elbert's house. That's the way we all lived and where we all lived for those many many years.
But when Daddy was single and living in that home of Mrs. Wiggins, I know that he attended the Baptist Church and surely walked to it. I can picture all of these places and know that it is no problem to walk these distances - quite pleasant actually. Sidewalks to stay on, even on the rather speedy Hwy. 31 coming into and through Evergreen.
That's all the posting for today.

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