Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Still Around

I intend to publish more posts on this very simple blog - but everything in my world is a bit "all over the map" right now. In other words, so many distractions I can't think.

What I would like to do is talk about where I am going to be tomorrow and why I have to do this and all the memories it brings to the forefront and all the dusty brown memorabilia I've pulled out as a result - but the present is too pressing.

Charlie and I are "moving" Sarah and Kate back to Auburn on Friday and Saturday. Thanks to our hospitable friends in Tallassee, AL, we have a place to stay other than an Auburn hotel. It's Beth and Jamie Baldwin and it is good for my soul to visit their home. Moving them back to Auburn will require much heavy lifting and humidity endurance - all of that - but we are on the last leg of this 11 year college experience. We moved Ann into a dorm in the fall of 1999. We will finish with Kate graduating in May of 2010. Sarah graduates at the end of this semester '09.

Laura Beth and Ada are on their way here - but I am leaving tonight for South Alabama - attending the funeral of my aunt - she was married to my Dad's brother. She was 94 when she died.The funeral is tomorrow in Troy, AL - I have several distant relatives in Troy with whom I no longer communicate -many I've never met. When I was very very young and we visited Troy - I felt as if I was related to everyone there and always was being "shown off" to them by my grandmother. Everyone seemed very old to me. It was fun visiting Troy and so different from my life in Evergreen or it seemed different. Evergreen felt "contemporary" to me - new and young and fresh - but that was because I lived there and our house was a low ranch style. All the houses I visited in Troy were big and old - really old and really big - I liked it a lot and the way it was different. Now I'm talking about things I don't have time to talk about right now. Anyway - tomorrow is probably the last time I'll have reason to go back to daddy's world - and get a tiny glimpse into that part of my past. I'm hoping for a reconnect - but I am prepared to be a bit disappointed. Daddy would be 96 if he had lived without Alzheimers or any other dementia. His body was very fit. So - no chance of meeting his contemporaries. - we'll all be the next generation and we haven't kept in touch.

Mary Ann and I are meeting in Montgomery and traveling from there to Troy.

I need a camera.

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