Thursday, July 9, 2009


I need to post pictures to show anyone my summer days.

My birthday is coming up - hoping I might get a camera. My other one was in an "accident" with one of my grandchildren.

For instance, right now as I'm at the computer, trying to think of what to post, Ada is on my bed under my red and white quilt - it's the bed that Charlie has already made up and it now doesn't look so neat - If I just had a camera I'd take that picture.

I wish I'd had a camera yesterday. I drove Ada to Crossville to visit her other grandparents - Scott's folks - and her Aunt Ann who is Scott's sister. It's about an hour away - and on a gravel - dirt road. It is a classic setting - rural - garden - pastoral - cows - country roads - oh, and frogs. We'll talk about that later. If I'd had a camera I would have taken the picture of little Ada walking down the dirt road with her Pop to look at the cows. There is a screened porch on the back of their house - It's like sitting outside but away from bugs....and frogs....

While on the back porch, toward the end of the visit we heard galloping. Ada's cousin was with 2 other friends - all 3 on horses, riding up the road, rather fast. Her cousin, Justin, turned into Edna and JT's yard and there he was - in the backyard - on his horse, just saying hello. How fun would that be?! If one was really accustomed to getting about on a horse - I'm not. But I wish I was that person. Better than a bike, I would think. Of course Bikes don't leave behind "bike manure" - the way horses leave behind that sort of thing.

There's a garden and they just walk out and pick those fresh tomatoes - a lot of people do that - but we haven't had much luck with gardens on this lot - as we did when we were on Birchwood. I need Charlie to "work the garden" and he's tried, but it just takes more than we can - well - we're sticking to flowers and bushes and beds and grass/weeds - that sort of thing. We're good with that and Charlie enjoys going to the Farmer's Market and visiting with those folks as he picks out fresh summer vegetables.

Anyway - it was a good day and a good visit with Ada's Pop and May-May. Charlie and I are Charlie and Near. Edna and JT are Pop and May-May.

I've had Ada with me since Sunday. I offered to keep her when Scott and Laura Beth left to return home. LB has been so sick(due to being Baby #2 in her tummy) and still is - and I just threw it out there - knowing how hard it would be for her to feel Ada's absence until this day, Thursday. After much thought and feeling so sick - Laura Beth took me up on it. Fortunately Ada was really good with it - and was fully aware that her folks were going "Bye-bye". So here we are. Laura Beth will come today and return on Saturday to McDonough.

Back to FROGS - I have this thing about them - they're so ugly - and visually they affect my nervous system - as in they freak me out. I just can't handle them - They are my phobia to the point of I've had to pray about it. Really ask God to deliver me from that "fear?" I hate calling it a fear because I'm not fearful of them - as if they would hurt me - it's just seeing them - I am better. I didn't go nuts when I saw one from a distance yesterday - but I couldn't handle being just inches away from it. That would have resulted in my acting really stupid like squealing, jumping - just acting all freaked out. I'm glad I didn't have to display that kind of behavior. Of course I wouldn't have HAD to - but it would have been my reaction.

We had a July 4th celebration/picnic on Saturday - lots of folks in my yard - on my porch - in my house - more food than I've seen in a long time - it was fun and delicious - but I - who love "events" - need to calm down about them. I get in way over my head - I've always been excessive and moderation doesn't come naturally to me. For instance, I would have had 6 children instead of 4 - If I shop at the grocery store for one item - I think I might often better get 2 - it can get expensive - and parties - let's make them big - and then I'm really tired at the end of the day - But our picnic was fun and loud and festive. I'm glad we did it - but I might need to retire from large parties - I think I need to calm down a bit. :-)

Well - Ada is very tired of my posting - and we're down to one diaper. Gotta run to Wal-Mart for those.

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