Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hello Saturday

Gorgeous Day!

I cut grass yesterday and finally majorly pruned two bushes which needed them. One was my Mock Orange and I should have done it way before now. Right now is not the time to prune since probably all the buds are set for next spring - but oh well - I had to sacrifice a season to finally get the dear bush pruned. It had so many dead branches tightly packed into new growth. Had to do it. The other is my - well - I can't think of the name of it - but it just needed a really good haircut - pretty much - which I did that.

Last night Ann, Charlie, Andrew and I rode over to H'ville to see an All Star football game - my sister had emailed me that our cousin was playing in it. He's actually the grandson of our cousin - well - I called Charlie and he knew that one of our own Scottsboro graduates was also playing in it and that a group from church was going over to see him - including Steve, who was already taking Ellie and Luke.

We had a very nice evening at the Alabama A&M Stadium - Louis Crews Stadium, I believe. Weather was so nice and I was laughing that my two worlds were colliding. Scottsboro folks behind me and Evergreen folks in front of me. Crazy.

Favorite things - working in the yard - and visiting with family and friends.

I am now going to work on another small bed that really needs weeding. It's the one in which I planted seeds - beside the Art Studio after Charlie cleared out the overgrown bed. I planted Queen Anne's Lace and White Shasta Daisies. More clover is coming up and it's taking over the bed. Can't let that happen.

Yesterday as I was working on the Mock Orange Bush which is near the road - a friend slowed down and remarked that I had certainly picked a balmy day to do yard work - to which I replied, "I just have to get out here and do this". Then I added, "It works some of the nastiness out of me". She knew exactly what I meant and said she had so much nastiness in her. We really shared a good laugh. Another way of putting it is, "It's good for the soul". It is.

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