Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Keep Checking

I keep checking my blog to see if I've written anything new. I haven't. Why do I do that? I really know that I haven't written anything new - but I go to it anyway - is it to see if what I've written has changed at all? I don't know.

Ada and Laura Beth went back to McDonough today. Ada was very willing to leave Near and Charlie - not in an unloving way. She waved bye-bye vigorously while saying, "BYE BYE!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!". She did that over and over. We had said to her enough regarding home and Daddy - and she'd been in S'boro over a week. A good bit of that without Mom or Dad. So - I've heard from LB. They're in McDonough now and Ada was playing with Scott and Scott was playing with Ada. Our house is empty but it's as it should be. It's Charlie and myself - so - empty nesters or "wannabe" empty nesters will understand that sense of balance. Anyway - it's Saturday and Laura Beth has taught me a bit about couponing and using the bonus bucks at CVS. I'm doing what I can toward this last semester College Financial Crunch we're in. Ann got me $245.00. She told me about a cash for gold party and MADE me go up and rummage through my jewelry. Folks, I have never bought fine jewelry in my life. Anything that is gold is by accident. or by foolish spending - as in Ann's class ring. So - that was our spring board - Ann reminded me of the class ring and how they are bringing in $$. I gathered what might be a possibility, knowing some of it was a joke. Ann brought me back 245.00. That is good for us. I need about 50,000.00 to really feel better....or perhaps just trusting God. That will give me real peace....and does. :-)

So - it's Saturday - and I'm cutting grass.

I have now posted something new.

Sarah and Kate, who are home for the summer, are both in Auburn and Charleston, S.C. So...for this's Charlie and myself, only Charlie is up at the it for Sunday morning. He'll be home in a bit to do the trim work.

I have a bit more to do on the grass. Just wanted to post something new.


LB said...

Ada keeps accidentally calling me near. Like, if she needs to ask a question she says, "I want juice, near." Then she turns it into mom. Bless her heart, she's not sure who's who:)

Elizabeth said...

LB - just so you'll know, she occasionally called me Mommy. Bless her heart. I'm glad ya'll are home and with Scott. I miss all of you and wish you were closer, but don't we all? Whatever God wills....correct?

joy said...

I am also wishing you had a camera..did anyone get any pics at the 4th?