Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Morning In Scottsboro

I love home.

And we are here.

There were two friends arriving in our driveway about 30 minutes after we got here. Friends of Sarah and Kate. They paid me my FAVORITE compliment!!! "I LOOOOVVVVVEEE your yard!", they both said, in their young southern collegiate female voice. It's a hodgepodge yard with comfort and gates and a few paths, not enough to suit me, but still - and it's like a cottage yard. I would prefer to live in a Cottage Style house - which I suppose mine is that - just an overgrown cottage. I can't wait until we can "afford" to repaint the whole thing. I'll choose a new color - probably traditional white and if I do shutters I will want the real ones. Might even do without shutters, I don't know. I prefer anything real to faux. Except sometimes the faux is much more affordable and can be "pulled off". :-)

And this morning again, my new young friend, one of them, was on the back porch having her "quiet time", with a cup of coffee from my kitchen. That all just blesses my heart and feeds my soul.

Kate and I have a bridal shower to attend this morning. Looking forward to that. And it's a beautiful day - this Saturday - Sarah, Claire, and Anna Lucy will leave for the C'nooga wedding this afternoon - and return with one more girl - they will all be here tonight. But I'll be asleep by them. I don't last very long at night.

Life continues - here in Scottsboro, AL - we saw the Barber grandchildren yesterday - and we all played in the yard - after Charlie quickly cut the grass following the unloading of the car. Guess what? The grass continued to grow while we were on vacation. Amazing how it doesn't stop for anything. I'm glad. We need green soft stuff under our feet.

Ada will be back next week when her Mom returns for more dental work - so, YAY - I get to see her again. It was hard to leave her for the beach - knowing she was at my house.

Okay - just posting that we are here in Scottsboro - miles away from Orange Beach and that ocean air.

I'll return to posting perhaps this afternoon, or tomorrow or Monday.

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