Monday, May 4, 2009

quick update

Will be posting again pretty soon, from my tuned up computer,I hope. Today is Monday May 4 and I am in McDonough, GA.

I drove to McDonough last Tuesday to be with Ada while Laura Beth and Scott went to Rosemary Beach for a little vacation, celebrating their 3rd anniversary.

I arrived in McDonough on Tuesday, spent the whole day Wednesday with them in McDonough, letting Ada get accustomed to me and still feel safe with MOM nearby. On Thursday, due to my many travels recently - to Clearwater Beach, to Evergreen, AL - I drove Ada back to Scottsboro with me - with parents' permission, of course. So - Ada was with Charchie(Charlie) and Near(Elizabeth) in Scottsboro from Thursday until Sunday. We left early yesterday morning, getting ahead of the storms, arriving back in McDonough at Noon, Atlanta time.

I loved having my little Ada for those many days, but I know she missed mom and dad. She did great, but when she saw them again, she was literally running in circles. She was so excited to see them. So cute. I am driving back to Scottsboro in just a little while, giving morning traffic time to calm down.

My computer - Lord willing - I will pick it up tomorrow at Best Buy. They tell me it's ready! Yay! It's like getting my pet back - only it's my computer. Weird. I have pictures to post from both wedding weekends and from the Ada visit. There will be so much email to delete. I don't get much real mail - mostly junk - which the Geek Squad has advised me to get a new email address which will cut back the junk mail for a while. That, apparently is the solution to excessive junk mail. Every so often, get a new email address. A hastle, but I think worth it to cut back on the junk.

Sarah and Kate are done with finals this week and Sarah comes home tomorrow. Kate will come home on Tuesday of next week. She has to work this week at her "coffee shop" job.

That's where we are - and my little computer being at Best Buy is why I haven't been posting.

Looking forward to a great summer.

I have some updated summer pictures of my yard and my peonies are beginning to bloom. So beautiful!!!! I love them. They remind me of ice cream.

That's all for the update and checking in.

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Laura Forman said...

glad to finally hear from you! been checking often to see if you were back :) glad to know that your computer is fixed and we will see pictures soon!!! :)