Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back to Posting...Where Do I Begin?

I'm posting pictures of what I have waited for all winter. The flowers and the green - everything green. And being outside - It's definitely in the top ten list of my favorite things.

Purple Iris. Isn't it beautiful?

Looking through the gate. Inside there is a ground cover which is called a "steppable", meaning it is good for it to be walked on. It's like a lush, soft clover. I bought a small little bit of it and planted it several years ago - maybe 6 - and now it is almost covering that area beyond the gate, between my house and garage.

Ummm - petunias and something else, like Johnny Jump Ups, maybe. Or violas.

My bed which has different things - herbs, and peonies, hosta, nandina, japanese maple.

And the old rose bush - given to me by a Mr. Clemons who said it came from his mother's "old home place". It's a very old rose - he planted it for me - and promised that it's very hardy - He was right and I love this bush - because of the kindness of Mr. Clemons to share that with me.
He had noticed that I like working in the yard, much like his mother did. I love that.

Those summer greens and shadows - Delightful!

Old Irises - not hybrids - I like antiques in furniture and in plants.

My sage.


Rosemary. I also have flat leaf Parsley, which is similar to Cilantro.

Obviously, my computer is back at home.

Nothing looks the same on my screen. It's as if a room in my house has been given a makeover and I don't know where everything is. I'm feeling rather awkward with it all. Plus the font is so small, I have to wear glasses to see anything on the screen. I'm guessing I can go somewhere and enlarge the font. I think I've done that before, but I just hesitate to tamper with anything because we spent so much money getting the crazy thing cleaned up and all well from its viruses. It moves really quick now. I wonder how long that will last. Computers own the world, don't they? I have a disk on which they backed up all my "stuff". I hope my pictures are on there because they're not at Picasa anymore. Picasa.com is what I use to store all my pictures.

I also get so much junk mail - I had 1800 + emails waiting for me. Maybe 5 or 6 were real emails. Crazy. The guys at Geek Squad told me to get a new email address, which I've just taken care of - it'll take a while for my new address to get "around in cyberspace". I hope.


Laura Forman said...

hey...can you send me your new email address so i can change it in my update list :) formanfamily@pobox.com Thanks!!!

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