Friday, May 8, 2009

Already Friday - I Missed Thursday's Post

Okay - so today is already Friday.

I worked very hard yesterday, taking advantage of the pretty weather - outside.

We have an area that was totally out of hand - so I dug, and pulled and cut and chopped - and I'm still sore today - but it was worth it and so much fun. I got dirty and sweaty and achy, which is something I actually enjoy about yardwork. End result, my very large Hydrangea Bush has been given some room to grow more and to breathe. Already I can see little buds of blooms. Can't wait!!!! Those beautiful Flowerheads, I think they're called. So blue and purple and round. I love them.

We have other areas which are out of control, but that's another day.

I will now post pictures of another phase of the last month. Laura Beth asked me way in advance if I could keep Ada while she and Scott went to Rosemary Beach/Seaside....that area. It was the celebration of their 3rd anniversary - you can read about it on her blog - So I did travel to McDonough and spent 2 nights, one day - and drove back to S'boro with Ada. I had been gone so much, that LB was alright with my bringing Ada back here rather than spend the whole time in McDonough - I did that and she was here Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night of that week. I travelled back to McDonough on that Sunday with little Ada Bell.
Below are the 3 cousins at the table, coloring - Ada, Luke and Ellie
Those are the first 4 pictures.
The next ones are of Ada - and I'm following her around in the yard. We had had a lot of rain and there was a brief time when we could get outside.
She was hard to keep up with and these are just a few of the many I took.
Next day I took her home, and I miss her.

That's all for today, so I've caught up with pictures I wanted to post.

I've been busy around the house, and when I do things I think a lot - as I work - so I've got several things I want to post on this blog. Hope I don't forget them.

Right now I'm going to cut the grass. Rain is due back here tonight and tomorrow.

Sarah is home and Kate is coming tomorrow, instead of Tuesday.

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