Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chairs and Desks and I Don't Know What Else to Post About....

What I've Been Doing - besides other stuff.

You see below a very very old chair.  
Mother and Daddy had this one and the other one you're about to see.
Originally they were part of an outdoor set - with a matching glider.
They each were covered in a metal back and seat and it had a typical 50's look.

Eventually the metal rusted and Daddy replaced it with strips of board.
His invention to recycle these chairs.

I have kept them and left them outside in the elements - where they've always been.
Pieces of the wood have come off - the screws are rusty.
The wood is yukky - and 2 weeks ago when I was sitting in one of them while Ada and John played,
it occurred to me - "I CAN REPLACE THESE BOARDS!!!"

And so I did.  I don't know why that hasn't occurred to me before.  

See the curved pieces?  I know Daddy must have learned how to "bend wood"
to make these pieces fit over the arms of the chair.
I googled that to see if I could.

I just can't.  
We'll just have arms without wood pieces.
I love these chairs and the way they sit.
I look on ebay from time to time and in flea markets - 
wondering if I'll ever find the original chair - 2 like these used to be.

Below is the old wood from the first chair.
Very distressed.  
I'll do some piece of something with these.
Maybe art.  Maybe an old frame.
I don't know.

And below is a row of orange desks which came from my old high school.
I've taken the desktops off in order to paint these.

These are the desk tops.
All I need is a jig saw and some pine boards joined so I can make a true wooden top for the chairs.
I think I've seen a tutorial that shows me how.
I was going to get someone to do it for me, but I want to do it.

I just need to buy a jigsaw.
Oops!  I'll wait a couple of weeks.
I've already spent too much at Home Depot.
They don't give spray paint away.
They don't give anything away.
Customers have to pay.  

Here is one chair painted yellow.
Yesterday I painted the metal part a brownish nickel color.
Looks good - but the masking off is tedious.
I've figured out how to save time.

The other 3 I'll first paint the yellow part without masking.
When it's solid dry - then I'll mask the yellow part to paint the legs their new metal color.
Masking the body of the chair was easier than masking the legs.

I have two other desks which I'm also going to revamp/spoof up.
They are different and have a more traditional desk look.
They came from my old high school, also.

I have so many projects waiting to be done.
I love doing this stuff.

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Mary Ann said...

The outdoor chairs look so good. I also love the part of the desk you painted yellow. That yellow is so pretty.