Monday, August 22, 2011

I Started This Blog Post on Sunday Morning, Early....

But didn't get to finish it.  
I'm taking Ada and John home today.
It's been quite a week.  
Ann and I couldn't get over the energy generated when these four got together.
Admittedly, they exhausted us and we had to take breaks from that combo all along.
Ada would wake up asking if she was going to see Ellie and Luke that day.
And there was no leaving Andrew out of the action.

and all week John worked on
maneuvering my back steps, alone.

Fat Toes.  I love baby feet!

Ann took them to the park and to the splash park
on two different days.  
While I kept John and Abigail.

Here is where I was interrupted.

Today is a new post.
After the interruption, yesterday, I greeted Ada and John who were waking up.

From there we did "breakfast", completed packing and dressing and preparing for the road trip home.

I drove them home to McDonough.

From McDonough I drove to Tallassee, AL, by way of I-85, getting off at the Auburn exit and
driving through town, College St, to get to Co Rd. 14 which takes me to Tallassee.

Beth and Jamie Baldwin have created their home there on the land
where Beth grew up.  She loves South Alabama the way I do.
It's home.

Her oldest daughter, Hope, lives here across the country road from Beth.

It's all a very well planned, country, South Alabama, pastoral paradise.
They all enjoy hard work very much and do most everything by themselves.

They budget, they deal in bargains, they give, give, give and work, work, work,
and those are some images of  the results.

I've returned to Scottsboro today.
I have a cold, which Ada gave to me.
That's okay.  I never have colds.
I'm having to shift gears, having been the caregiver to Ada and John for 7 days.
Go back to Grandmother with no Grandchildren living in the house.
It's a major shift in gears - a welcomed one - yet...... 
there's the missing them and the knowing they're where they belong.

When I drove up to Laura Beth's and Scott's house yesterday, 
I almost couldn't stop the car fast enough.
They were rushing out to the car to retrieve their girl and boy.  

The reunion was very endearing.
I loved it.

Images from the week.

My sweet Georgia grandchildren.

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